Introducing: The Little Donkey and God's Big Plan

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Today it gives me great pleasure to introduce The Little Donkey and God's Big Plan written and illustrated by Izabela Ciesinska.


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Title: The Little Donkey and God's Big Plan
Author/Illustrator: Izabella Ciesinska
Publisher: Ascension
Genre: Children's Christian Education
Published: February 6, 2024
ISBN 13: 978-1954882294

Many years ago, a little donkey lived in a small town near Bethany. He dreamed of going places. But the little donkey spent most of his time tied to a post, and he was not allowed to do much. A friendly girl assured him that God must have a special purpose for him. But the donkey wondered whether this was so. One day two men came and told his owner he was needed.

Had the little donkey's time finally come?


From her earliest days, Izabela Ciesinska immersed herself in the world of picture books, relishing every story, savoring every illustration, and taking in the scent of each page.
Her childhood was filled with the gorgeous illustrations of classical European folk tales and the lively colors of traditionally animated films, which inspired in her countless hours of drawing and sketching. Many broken pencils later, she embarked on a career as an illustrator, creating artwork for picture books, activity books and educational materials. Izabela also had the opportunity to do character design for the animated film, The Adventures of Tikki the Wonder Dog. In February of 2024, she celebrated her authorial debut with The Little Donkey and God’s BIG Plan, a picture book published by Ascension Press, which she both authored and illustrated.
In her free time she likes exercising, taking (very) long walks, reading good books, and watching cute animal videos on YouTube.

If you want to learn more about her illustration work, check out her interview with If you’re looking for an illustrator, please contact her via email to discuss your book or project. 

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