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Bookzone is dedicated to providing promotional opportunities for authors. As an author myself, I truly understand that “if you build it, they will come” only applies to the movie “Field of Dreams.”  For the rest of us, promotion is key for the new and established author to keep ourselves and our product in constant view of the reader, and/or the bookseller.

As a new author I remember being bombarded with options but not knowing which to choose and where best to apply my meager funds.  (For the record, FREE is always a good option no matter how obscure the site or small the audience.)  So I researched free options and tried them all.  I didn’t stop there though. I then did some research in the low to reasonable cost  bracket before I chose three of them to utilize.

APOOORAWSISTAZ and SORMAG. While they primarily catered to ethnic audiences, they also had a great crossover audience and their reviews were well respected.  There is no cost for a review and they also post the reviews on their sites (archive power) and on Their only requirement is a review or finished copy of the book which is a minimal cost for promotion.

That being said, here are the FREE author promo opportunities we offer:

Get your name on our growing list of Authors. We update constantly and we supply to interested parties looking for new authors and encourage people to re-post the list. It is free to have your name included. The list is free to anyone who wants it, including you!

Our Author Interview feature is a great way to introduce yourself to our readers. Once I find a book I like, I have been known to look up the author and if I liked what I read about him/her, I would purchase all books written by him/her. Don’t miss the opportunity to tell the story behind your story.

Our Book Introduction feature is a great way to introduce your title to our readers.  Click the link above to see what needs to be submitted. All posts are automatically sent to twitter within seconds of going live on the site.

Our Book Review feature is another great way to introduce your book to your readers. It may also work in conjunction with a giveaway. (You would handle mailing the book to the winner. Currently a 16 week waiting period for reviews.)

You may use the comments section creatively by searching our archives and suggesting your similar book or product. PLEASE NOTE: Spam and inappropriate comments will not be approved.

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