Review: Mommy Where Do Babies Come From? by Dr. Robert Roper


Genre: Children's Picture Book

Grade Level: Preschool - 3

Date Published: September 21, 2020

Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing


Kindle Edition - $3.99
Paperback - $9.99
Hardcover - $20.76

Rating: 5 of 5 stars


Explaining a child's beginning is sometimes difficult and considered taboo. Written from a Christian’s perspective, this book is an honest, eye-opening, and humorous, mother’s attempt to satisfy her daughter’s curiosity, of where babies come from?


A Husband for over 11 years, father of two beautiful children, a physician by profession over 14 years, and a lover of the arts.


With inspired poetic flair and brilliantly colored illustrations, Dr. Roper explains how babies are made through a little girl and her mom.

As a Christian, I love the fact that he starts of with meeting, falling in love, marrying, then procreating; after which he breaks down that babies are created out of that structure and how it happens biologically. (I know that is not always how it happens so don't come for me people.)

As someone whose family did not talk about the stalk, much less the birds and the bees, I wished that there was something like this in place when I was about eight and thought that adults pooped out babies like our dogs did. With my daughter, I waited until she was a pre-teen and found a good book for her to read then let her know I was available to answer any questions.

What I liked:
  • Upon first opening the eBook, I wanted to hug the pages because the images are so adorable and the colors used are so beautiful
  • There is no dumbing down of the information, thereby assuming that our kids are unable to comprehend a factual explanation.
  • The flow of the writing, so skillfully poetic without seeming overly so
  • The fact that the introduction begins at an early age
  • The reinforcement of biblical values
  • The ending gave room for a series to answer other questions

What gave me pause:
  • The fact that no dumbing down is used, may give pause to some parents who are not quite ready to go past "the stalk delivered you" theory.

Overall, I believe this book is a great conversation starter that children can read or be read to help kids and parents talk through the uncomfortable question, Mommy Where Do Babies Come From?

I received a free copy of the eBook, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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