Review: The Life of Teenagers Ain't No Joke!

Living a Courageous Childhood, In An Unforgiving World by Keith G. Wright
Publisher: Ain't No Joke Books, Inc.
Category: Self-Help
Reviewed by D.S. White for Active Christian Media

"No Joke Teen Truth #325: The smartest teenagers have already figured out that anything that can happen to someone else, can also happen to them. If someone else makes a decision that leads to dangerous consequences, then surely, by making that same decision, it will lead you to danger as well. There are no exemptions for the many teens that believe that it won't happen to them." - Pg 57

"No Joke Teen Truth #253: The most successful teenagers have figured out that they were born to be great people, that they were born to make history, and that they were born to leave a legacy of their remarkable lives to the world." - Pg 38

About the Book:
The above quotes are two of the many gems to be found in the teen version of the "Ain't No Joke" book series. Throughout the book the author's pride in his mother and sincere heart for teenagers resounds loudly.

The author touches on several issues that if translated into a letter, would probably read as follows:
Dear Teen,

Many don't expect much of you, but I know they're wrong. I believe that it is because society expects so little of you, that you give little. In this book, I turn that all around. I expect a lot of you and I know you can do it! No matter what society says, you can achieve great things!

You were born with everything you will ever need to fulfill your dream already deposited inside of you. However, this does not mean that it will be accomplished without input on your behalf.
  • Study - a must
  • Application of what you learn - a must
  • Reading - a must
  • Being open minded - a must
  • A Spiritual component - a must

Will it be easy? I won't lie to you. No it won't, but it will be easier for you, than it was for the people in history who paved the way for you through their struggles. Your possibilities are endless and the only one who will be able to stop you--is you!

So let's get started!

The Author

About the Author:

Born in the south, raised in the north, Keith G. Wright is the son, and only child, to a single mother, educator, and a truly inspirational woman, Evelyn Wright. From childhood, he has gained a real sense of the immeasurable value of women, an appreciation of the importance of our past, and a love for all people of all colors and backgrounds.

Keith G. Wright is the founder and president of Beyond Color Foundation, an organization devoted to racial harmony, multicultural unity, and "empowering everyday people to live famous lives."

As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, by the age of 30, Keith owned and operated a multimillion dollar real estate and business enterprise. He went bankrupt by the age of 35. He states, "Lost it all?... I know how it feels. It’s a lonely, isolating place at the bottom. Yet, the experience and knowledge gained are deeply liberating. I know who I am now, and I know where my power resides..."

Key Positives:

  • Highly inspirational
  • Attempts to raise the bar of expectations towards teenagers
  • Pinpoints the importance of teenagers in society
  • Pinpoints the importance of choices
  • Pinpoints the importance of education
  • Author's genuine caring for teenagers
  • Good dialogue starter for parents of teens

Key Negatives:

  • Point-of-view shifts in book
  • Absence of positive case studies to balance out the negative ones


4.5 out of 5
stars for Inspiration, high expectations and author initiative, however I would have liked to see a few practical steps to facilitate practice of the teen truths. Maybe a workbook is in order?


I doubt that teens of their own volition would purchase this book to read. However, this book would be a great tool for parents, youth counselors and youth organizations to utilize to get dialogue flowing. Great start Mr. Wright!

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