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COS Productions has taken the bull by the horns when it comes to promotional opportunities for authors, as an author myself, I truly appreciate the unswerving dedication of their fearless leader Sheila. Here's a list of their Free services in her own words:
We've been asked to post what FREE author promo opportunities we're offering. So, here it goes...

1. Author's List
Get your name on the largest Author's on MySpace list. We have an ongoing list that we supply to magazines and other interested people willing to post the list. It is free to have your name included. The list is free to anyone who wants it, including you!

2. Book Blurbs
Book Blurbs are put up once a month and it is a free opportunity for you to blurb your book. Instructions on guidelines are on our MySpace homepage (located to the left as you look at your screen). Please follow the guide since we just cut and paste what you send.
When the blurbs go out we advertise them to book clubs for you!

Our comments section are a place for you to promote your MySpace site, Web site, book, self or product. The only things we don't allow in our comments section are nudity, pornographic pictures, profanity or any book videos that are not COS products.

4. Book Catalog
We now have a Social Network Catalog open only to MySpace authors and vendors. Instructions on how to participate are on our blog. Please not that this catalog will be advertised heavily starting next week!

Please know that we do have other lists that are about to be updated. We have a Publisher's List and a Bookseller's List.

Our MySpace site is-
Our traditional site is-

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