Book Zone Welcomes a New Author!

Hi Folks,

How have you been enjoying all the changes that Google has been making? Who's loving the new Google+ profiles?  Well in the spirit of change, here's another for you.  Book Zone welcome's a new author here at this location...Momma Kathy.

We worship together at the same church and have done so for the last five years. She's an avid reader (this I just found out) and her middle daughter Kymberlee takes after her in that respect. She will be writing reviews and hosting blog tours.  Pretty much the same as I do over at my location, just another view point for you to read.

Sooo without further ado...I gave you *drumroll please!*

Momma Kathy!

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Momma Kathy said...

Thank you for the introduction, Dee. I am very excited to be starting this new venture!!