Introducing: The Afterthought

Title: The Afterthought
Author: Reed Houston
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Release Date: November 9, 2007
ISBN-10: 1434336190
ISBN-13: 978-1434336194
Paperback: 132 pages
List Price: $16.49


The Afterthought—The title speaks for itself…that moment just after the act has been committed where we find ourselves reflecting upon what has just taken place. The attempt to grasp the magnitude of past events…What did it mean? What is the next step? That moment where we define or redefine ourselves into what we are about to become. That moment just before we exhale and reality sets in...that moment is… The Afterthought.

About the Author:

With a flare of versatility and directness, Reed, utilizes this combination to "tell it like it is." It is his goal to be heard by capturing the attention of a worldwide audience through his work as a writer. Although he considers himself an amateur, he has been persuaded by admirers of his poetry to pursue his talents, thus giving birth to this book. With self-expression as the main focus, he hopes to generate self evaluation for those who try to understand his depth as a writer. Just as he was inspired by others, Reed, hopes to one day become the inspiration for someone else, as well, through the words of his poetry.

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