Introducing: Jezebel's Wings

Title: Jezebel's Wings
Author: Joan Crossing
Publisher: Publish America
Release Date: August 20, 2007
ISBN-10: 1424188466
ISBN-13: 978-1424188468
Paperback: 56 pages
List Price: $12.95


Jezebel's Wings is about a 10-year old going to bed only to awake to a different mom same face-but different soul. From this point on her life changes; her mother has gone completely mad. This day marks the change and challenges from child to woman. She embarks on desperate journey to be something other than what the street has in store.

First, she takes the path through adultery, drugs, and brushes with the law, and every bad element imaginable. Along the way God sends her different lifelines. A few lead her to respectable careers and success. She is a survivor; even Hurricaine Katrina couldn't blow her away.

After all the page turning events and things she has done to change, "Will God give Jezebel her wings?"

About the Author:

Who is Joan Crossing? A Mother, friend, entrepreneur ,medic, radiology tech, former real estate broker, pet groomer, survivor of a horrid childhood from the inner-city, to a can-do and go-getter achiever, and now an author who's setting goals for great peace and wealth.

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Joan Crossing said...

To Dee;
Thank you for this post. I appreciate you putting my book here. You are a wonderfull person and you are sincere in helping your fellow authors. You will have great success in this career. You are a natural.