Introducing: Who I’ve become is Not who I Am

Title: Who I’ve become is Not who I Am
Author: Sonya Visor
Publisher: Covenant House Press
Release Date: 2006
List Price: $11.00


How does someone reach the conclusion of taking their own life?

We focus too much effort trying to be someone that God never intended only to find ourselves overwhelmed, defeated and depressed. Sonya teetered on the threshold of death after she tried to construct a person that she was not commissioned to be.

Who I’ve Become, Is Not Who I Am explains how our actions and reactions to situations create the illusion of fulfilled life. No longer will you wrestle with the hopelessness of bad decisions, but you’ll walk away renewed, refreshed and restored.

About the Author: 

Sonya VisorSonya Visor, co-pastor, author and playwright lives in Racine, Wisconsin with her husband, Pastor Tony Visor, and two sons, Jason and Tony, Jr.

Sonya has always enjoyed reading a good book. She first started writing in high school, but didn’t get serious about writing until the youth needed a fundraiser at her church. Sonya’s passion for writing got stirred up and she wrote her first play Left Behind. The latest DVD of her stage production, Say Amen at the Club, is available for purchase at and

Over the past couple of years Sonya has written five plays, four books and she is currently working on her first novel. Her first published work, The Check For $3.96, is included in an anthology entitled Blended Families, published by Pen Of the Writer and edited by Valerie Coleman.

Sonya has also been blessed to have her story Love me for Who I am included in the anthology The Midnight Clear, published by KNB publication. The anthology is of several short stories, including contributions written by nationally acclaimed authors: Patricia Haley, Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Tia McCollors, and Stacy Hawkins Adams.

Who I’ve become is Not who I Am is her first book published by Covenant House Press, a Christian publishing company owned by the author and her husband Tony Visor. This book was birthed from Sonya’s struggle to be free from the opinions of others.

Sonya has ministered along with her husband Pastor Tony since March, 1999 as co-pastor and co-founder of New Covenant Church in Racine, Wisconsin For over sixteen years she has been an active teacher, preacher and inspirational speaker of the gospel.

Sonya’s calling is for women who are broken, knowing that God is the only one who made her whole.God spared Sonya’s life from her own hand as her eyes were open to the fact that she couldn’t live out of what she had become. God now uses her voice and writing to minister to the needs of others.

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