Introducing: Monogamous Intentions

Title: Monogamous Intentions
Author: Shannon N. Davis
Publisher: DeLoach-Davis Publishing
Release Date: May 24, 2006
ISBN-10: 0976981319
ISBN-13: 978-0976981312
Paperback: 240 pages
List Price: $15.00


Monogamous Intentions is a work of fiction. Each character in this story deals with issues confronting our society today. Issues of adultery, jealousy, envy, violence, incarceration, AIDS, attempted murder and yes, Love. The main character is Sedonia Lacey. She goes to hell and back before she finally finds out who she really is. Her early childhood starts out as a normal middle class little Black girl ... blissfully happy with her parents, but then she over hears her parents many fights --and life for her becomes uncertain.

She learns that something is not quite right, but is just too young to absorb it all. Her mother then meets with a violent attack and is almost killed! But who really did it? Sedonia ends up living with her Aunt Grace after her mothers violent attack-- that left her in a coma. As Sedonia becomes a young lady, she escapes home by marrying her ideal man. It was a whirlwind romance at first ... but it lost its fizzle after a while and she becomes lonely in her marriage.

Out of nowhere, one day the most handsome man unsuspectingly enters her world. She begins a steamy love affair. Caught up in a love triangle--she becomes pregnant and finds herself asking "Who's the Dad? Now, she also has to be tested for HIV--which one tested positive?

About the Author:

Shannon Davis is one of the Hottest New Authors on the Horizon! Shannon won her readers over from her first release last year (2005) with "Nothing Like friends." And they applauded….More! More! More! And she does just that with "Monogamous Intentions." Before becoming an author, she worked as a Registered Nurse in New Jersey. Since as early as Shannon can remember, she has enjoyed writing. She invites her readers and fans to share their responses from her books with her.

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