Introducing: One Love

Title: One Love
Author: Bill Holmes
Publisher: XPress Yourself Publishing, LLC
Release Date: April 1, 2006
Genre: Fiction
ISBN-10: 0972299041
ISBN-13: 978-0972299046
Paperback: 272 pages
List Price: $15.00


Chris, a handsome and talented poet, is struggling to find inspiration to write while wrestling with corporate politics and the drama of an unfulfilling relationship. Regina, a beautiful accountant, feels frustrated with her career and the dating scene and secretly yearns to re-embrace her heart's desire: singing. A chance encounter between these thirty-something commuters one summer morning reveals this is a small world where poetry, family, friendship and love unite in Philadelphia.

About the Author:

Bill Holmes is an artist who has dared to dream in the face of adversity while recognizing the divine nature of life and its infinite possibilities. As a respected poet, writer and author on the Philadelphia spoken word scene, Bill has touched many souls through his creative endeavors by striving towards excellence in everything he does. His performances have captivated many audiences through his unique style of humor, insight, spirituality, pride, and most importantly, love and appreciation of a woman. By no means is Bill afraid "to keep it real when expressing the importance of self-love."

Bill is the founder, the publisher and the CEO of Universal Expressions, LLC, a publishing company that allows artists the opportunity to achieve their aesthetic dreams. He is also the author of the chapbook Illuminations, the spoken word EP Asphyxiation, the full-length poetry book Straight From My Heart, and the spoken word CD, The Air I Breathe, and the fiction novel One Love.

Bill has been featured and has performed at various poetry venues in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas. Bill was the co-host of the monthly poetry series Poetic Ventures Writers Collective and has opened for artists such as the Last Poets and award-winning jazz musician Roy Ayers. His work has been published and featured in the Philadelphia Tribune, ESSENCE, and the anthology Journey Into My Brother's Soul.

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