Introducing: Let's Get It On

Title: Let's Get It On
Author: Dyanne Davis
Publisher: Genesis Press (Love Spectrum)
Release Date: December 1, 2006
ISBN-10: 1585712108
ISBN-13: 978-1585712106
Paperback: 292 pages
List Price: $9.95


When Heaven, a registered nurse falls in love with Hamid despite religious and cultural differences she knows there will be problems. When her business takes off, fulfilling her dreams of financial independence she's not so ready to give it up.

Hamid has given a vow to his family that he will not do as so many have done. He has come to America to become a doctor but his pledge to return to Pakistan and give back was not taken lightly. Falling in love with Heaven has brought its own set of problems.

In spite of the problems the couple marries and set about to compromise. Hamid returns to Pakistan to begin work in the clinic and Heaven remains in America to manage her business. After a year of this the constant separation isn’t working. When it looks as if their fighting will eventually tear away at the seam of their love they realize something drastic must be done.

Hamid is tied to his vow to his father. Heaven is tied to a vow to herself. Will they find a way to bridge the continental divide and save their love or will they allow vows to keep them apart?

About the Author:

Dyanne was born in a small town in Alabama. She moved to Chicago when she was eleven, with her mother and sister, where she remained. She's happily married to William Davis, her newest critique partner. They live in a nearby Chicago Suburb with their only child, William Davis Jr.

A love of the written word began at the age of four when she began reading. Her passion for reading carried over into a desire to write. Dyanne retired from nursing three years ago with her husband's encouragement to pursue her dreams of writing full time.

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