Upcoming Release: Whatever It Takes

Release Date: FEBRUARY, 2007
ISBN: 0976985519
Paperback: 260 pages
List Price: $13.95


Whatever It Takes is a compelling novel depicting what happens when Butch and Zig Steel, carrying a 25 year grudge, finally gets their chance to unleash hell upon an unsuspecting prey. Their plan includes kidnapping, extortion and murder; all skillfully executed and absent of pity and remorse. The cherry on top of the Steel brothers cake is 25 million dollars that feeds their thirst for revenge. To complete their mission, it will involve the capturing of innocent 9 year old Penny Baker, because she holds the key to it all. The only thing standing in the Steel brothers way are two seasoned Ride or Die female detectives; Jesse James and Brenda Simple. The detectives new mission in life is to do whatever it takes to protect Penny and bring the Steel Brothers to justice. From the author who brought you the action packed thriller The Mouse That Roared, Dwayne Murray, Sr. invites readers to embrace his new novel Whatever It Takes. He suggests to readers who are lovers of action, thrills, suspense and drama, they must do two things: Grab this book and buckle up because the chase is on!

About the Author:

Born in Harlem, New York and raised in the Bronx Dwayne Murray, Sr. is proud to bring you another fast paced action thriller. With his love for the silver screen since the age of six Dwayne hopes to grab reader s attention with the same intensity that fast paced movies do with his second novel titled Whatever It Takes As a New York City electrician this author lives and walks a fine line on the job and gets a thrill making his readers walk the same line when they read his action packed novels. As a native New Yorker Dwayne aspires to bring to his readers the gritty intense feeling of the same streets he walks everyday making his readers truly understand that the city really consists of eight million stories.

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