Introducing: Intimate Musings

Title: INTIMATE MUSINGS (Discover Kai Poetry, Volume 2)
Author: a.Kai
Release Date: NOVEMBER, 2006
Paperback: 84 pages
List Price: $7.50


A personal journey into the intimate thoughts, experiences, musing and imagings of a writer. Intimate Musings contains 32 poems, examining love, life, decision making and choices. A personal introspective look at circumstances and situations and how they are perceived. The compilation consists of 84 pages, including two chapters excerpted from the next a.Kai release, Life- The series: Frustration's Repercussions. Intimate Musings is available in both paperback and hardcover with dustjacket.

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About the Author:

Aisha K. Moore, Esq. is a published poet and novelist who enjoys writing fantasy sci fi (speculative fiction), commercial and inspirational fiction. Her short story Second Chance has been published in True: Vol. 2 and her latest short story, The Marks, is currently being published by The Writer's Cafe' Press in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness. Among her various projects are two published books of poetry, Discover Kai Poetry: Cherished Beginnings and Intimate Musings. Her next two projects, scheduled for release in December 2006, are Life- The Series: Frustration's Repercussions and Stream in the Desert.

She has recently joined the review team of Read Zone Book Reviews and is a regular contributor to Sojournals.

Aisha began posting her intimate thoughts, musings, experience and imaginings under the pen name of a.Kai to create a private zone where she could freely release her inhibitions and give herself completely to writing. She continues to blog daily at and creates online e-blooks, or novels, for reader entertainment.

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