Seattle Condos

CondoList, the number one searched condominium dedicated site on the Internet has just launched a new program. This Program is called The Condo List and it would enable seekers of Seattle Condos to obtain the contact information of the listing agent or owner without the hassle of the middleman. The site receives thousands of unique visitors every day, visitors who are all looking to buy sell or rent condos.

Also of note is another program called “Building Specialists”. This program enables agents to specialize in a specific condo building: usually a luxury high rise condo building.

Please Note: Agents do have to meet certain criteria in order to become a Seattle Building Specialist.

Introducing: Intimate Musings

Title: INTIMATE MUSINGS (Discover Kai Poetry, Volume 2)
Author: a.Kai
Release Date: NOVEMBER, 2006
Paperback: 84 pages
List Price: $7.50


A personal journey into the intimate thoughts, experiences, musing and imagings of a writer. Intimate Musings contains 32 poems, examining love, life, decision making and choices. A personal introspective look at circumstances and situations and how they are perceived. The compilation consists of 84 pages, including two chapters excerpted from the next a.Kai release, Life- The series: Frustration's Repercussions. Intimate Musings is available in both paperback and hardcover with dustjacket.

Read an excerpt
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About the Author:

Aisha K. Moore, Esq. is a published poet and novelist who enjoys writing fantasy sci fi (speculative fiction), commercial and inspirational fiction. Her short story Second Chance has been published in True: Vol. 2 and her latest short story, The Marks, is currently being published by The Writer's Cafe' Press in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness. Among her various projects are two published books of poetry, Discover Kai Poetry: Cherished Beginnings and Intimate Musings. Her next two projects, scheduled for release in December 2006, are Life- The Series: Frustration's Repercussions and Stream in the Desert.

She has recently joined the review team of Read Zone Book Reviews and is a regular contributor to Sojournals.

Aisha began posting her intimate thoughts, musings, experience and imaginings under the pen name of a.Kai to create a private zone where she could freely release her inhibitions and give herself completely to writing. She continues to blog daily at and creates online e-blooks, or novels, for reader entertainment.

Introducing: Love is the Beautiful Black Woman

Title: Love is the Beautiful Black Woman
Author: Vernon J. Davis, Jr.
Publisher: Authorhouse
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: January 2001
ISBN-10: 1420849441
ISBN-13: 978-1420849448
Paperback: 72 pages
List Price: $11.45


"LOVE, IS, THE BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN" is a tribute to all Black Women. It is my praise and trophy to the strong independent women of color that I've met and yet to meet. The good, the bad , the indifferent. I hope my poems reflects and mirrors all the variety of women I admire and gain strength from.

This collection of poetry is my way of showing the greatest appreciation of our Beautiful Black Women. The positive and the not-so positive shades of their personalities;their ever-changing moods which I find so overwhelmingly attractive.

So, to their determined Spirit I dedicate this book---Queens All!

About the Author:

Vernon J. Davis, Jr. has been writing poetry since the early seventies. He was first inspired by Langston Hughes's poem "Impasse", which started his journey and adventure into the world of poetry and the spoken word.Vernon's very first published poem,"Beautiful Black Woman"(the basis for his poetry book) came out in 1978 in a magazine called Black Forum. More poetry followed in other magazines like SoulWord and Dawn, a magazine supplement to the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African-American newspaper.Mr. Davis has also taught Creative Writing and recited his poetry in talent shows, Church gatherings and open-mike forums. He is still inspired by and in awe of Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou. His Idols.His creative collection of Love poems,"Love,is, the Beautiful Black Woman" is his first book.

Car Insurance Prices

I am not now nor have I been a fan of GEICO since we parted ways in 1996, however, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due.

With the help of the American Moving and Storage Association, GEICO has create a brochure for its site entitled "Teens & Trucks". This addition to GEICO's library of safe driving materials for teen drivers is an attempt to keep teens informed on safe practices as well as keep car insurance prices at a reasonable rate. This information is geared towards teens that are now learning to drive. It includes tips like:
  • Stay out of a truck's blind spots or "No Zones"
  • Be careful when attempting to pass a truck.
  • Do not swerve in front of a truck or cause the driver to come to a sudden stop

Announcement: A message from

Stanice Anderson, Inspirational Speaker and Author

Hello Chosen Ones:

I am Stanice Anderson, host of Faith-Lift with Stanice STARTS TODAY on

In recovery for 21 years--one day at a time. I’m an inspirational speaker, author of I Say A Prayer For Me: One Woman’s Life of Faith and Triumph, published by Walk Worthy Press/Warner Books.

And now I have the privilege of being here with you for one-hour on Thursdays! Transparency, hope, excitement, healing, humor, and life stories are the gifts I bring.

Inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging people through personal testimonies of getting real, rayed-up and empowered to discover and live out God’s plans and purposes is what I do. Infuse that with topic-related music, seal it with a prayer, and you have the recipe for Faith-Lift with Stanice. Thursdays on

So, ANYTIME TODAY, come over to to support a me...

I appreciate you and remember, God is blessing you, right now!

"Beware of guys with matchbook covers torn off at the end," my father warned me as he walked away. "What exactly does that mean, Daddy?"

Click Stanice to read first chapter of Stanice’s book, I Say A Prayer For Me: One Woman’s Life of Faith and Triumph published by Walk Worthy Press/Warner Books. (Graphic a gift from Sarah)

Introducing: Please Come Home for Christmas

Title: Please Come Home For Christmas
Author: Don Fulton
Publisher: Authorhouse
Release Date: June 30, 2005
ISBN-10: 141849545X
ISBN-13: 978-1418495459
Paperback: 208 pages
List Price: $14.95


It is 1968 in New York City, and the holiday season has just begun for Jane Owens' family. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, family drama escalates throughout the season, culminating in lessons learned and secrets revealed in this hard-hitting novel by Don Fulton, Please Come Home for Christmas is available for this season of gift giving ...GET YOUR COPY TODAY IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Written primarily for African-Americans interested in a novel with intense, realistic relationships. Please Come Home for Christmas follow Jane, her husband, Earl the pastor at Queens Community Church, and her children: Ella, Sam and here youngest daughter, Angie. The atmosphere at the Thanksgiving meal is tense: Angie has run away from home with Ella's former boyfriend, and Earl and Sam are constantly gripping at each other. Jane's sister, Pearl Cooper, and her son Eddie, anxiously await for her husband, Bill, to return home form military service in Vietnam.

Sam's changing behavior is of concern, especially because he plans to join a semi-militant black organization, Black Men for New America. Ella is angry because her mother tells Angie she is welcome back home, even though she did run away and have a child with Larry. Ear's religious ideas lead him to insult members of the family for what he believes is immoral activity, which is further complicated when Sam sees Earl courting another woman. Pearl receives a telegram that states Bill has been captured by Vietnamese's forces, and Ella, against her better judgment moves in with Larry. The stress is too much for Sam, and he attempts suicide.

As Christmas approaches, the scarred relationships, anger and resentment twist around every moment of this family's life. The suffering does finally subside, however, despite the arduous road through the winter holiday.

A heart-wrenching novel of family ties and unconditional love, Please Come Home for Christmas is a story that creatively highlights the essence of modern life.

About the Author:

Born in Washington, DC Don Fulton was raise in Kingstree, SC, he strived to write a Christmas novel for black readers that was not syrupy sweet, but instead realistic and affecting. He succeeded in Please Come Home for Christmas, titled after a 1960s song by blues singer Charles Brown that frequently played on the jukeboxes during the holiday season.

Upcoming Release: Whatever It Takes

Release Date: FEBRUARY, 2007
ISBN: 0976985519
Paperback: 260 pages
List Price: $13.95


Whatever It Takes is a compelling novel depicting what happens when Butch and Zig Steel, carrying a 25 year grudge, finally gets their chance to unleash hell upon an unsuspecting prey. Their plan includes kidnapping, extortion and murder; all skillfully executed and absent of pity and remorse. The cherry on top of the Steel brothers cake is 25 million dollars that feeds their thirst for revenge. To complete their mission, it will involve the capturing of innocent 9 year old Penny Baker, because she holds the key to it all. The only thing standing in the Steel brothers way are two seasoned Ride or Die female detectives; Jesse James and Brenda Simple. The detectives new mission in life is to do whatever it takes to protect Penny and bring the Steel Brothers to justice. From the author who brought you the action packed thriller The Mouse That Roared, Dwayne Murray, Sr. invites readers to embrace his new novel Whatever It Takes. He suggests to readers who are lovers of action, thrills, suspense and drama, they must do two things: Grab this book and buckle up because the chase is on!

About the Author:

Born in Harlem, New York and raised in the Bronx Dwayne Murray, Sr. is proud to bring you another fast paced action thriller. With his love for the silver screen since the age of six Dwayne hopes to grab reader s attention with the same intensity that fast paced movies do with his second novel titled Whatever It Takes As a New York City electrician this author lives and walks a fine line on the job and gets a thrill making his readers walk the same line when they read his action packed novels. As a native New Yorker Dwayne aspires to bring to his readers the gritty intense feeling of the same streets he walks everyday making his readers truly understand that the city really consists of eight million stories.

Introducing: The Love We Had

Title: The Love We Had
Author: Dedan Tolbert
Publisher: Ink Water Press
Release Date: OCTOBER, 2006
ISBN: 1592992315
List Price: $15.00


From first time novelist Dedan Tolbert comes a gripping and brutally honest tale of star-crossed lovers whose path to happiness is thwarted by both deadly secrets and a scorned ex-lover.

Derrick is a graduating senior on a small, black college campus who just crossed into a fraternity and has every intention of continuing his player ways with his best friend and line brother, Mike, until he meets Myra a quiet and reserved student with a painful past.

They immediately fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, but Carl, Myra’s unstable ex-boyfriend, has different plans for them. Carl can’t live without Myra, and won’t let her live without him.

Dedan Tolbert takes the reader on a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. Will Myra be enough for Derrick to finally give up his womanizing ways? Will Carl stand in the way of Derrick and Maya walking off into the sunset together? Will painful secrets from all three of their pasts lead to the destruction of everyone’s happiness? The answers will leave you guessing and on the edge of your seat until the final page.

Read an excerpt / Order "The Love We Had..."

About the Author:

28 year old, Philadelphia native, Dedan Tolbert is the author of the novel, “The Love We Had...” and advice columnist for Suavv Magazine. You can view his “Ask Dedan” advice column at Suavv

Dedan is also the founder and CEO of Tolbert Books and Distribution (T B & D) which was founded to help the not so well known author maximize their distribution potential. It also serves as an outlet for new authors to get advice and leadership from other successful authors. T B& D was founded in 2006 and has over 100 employees in over 20 U.S. states.

In his spare time, Dedan writes freelance articles on dating and relationships. He has written for local Philadelphia newspapers as well as popular magazines like, Suavv Magazine, Maelan Magazine, Xtreme Magazine, Infinite Magazine and

Introducing: Ain't Understandin' Mellow

Title: Ain't Understandin' Mellow
Author: Michelle Davis
Publisher: Lulu Press
Release Date: 2005
ISBN-10: 1-4116-5507-9
Paperback/ebook: 250 pages
List Price: $14.95/$7.45


A touching story about a young woman's struggle to find peace and happiness in the midst of devastating obstacles. Overcoming painful hurdles, not only does she find the peace she seeks, she finds herself.

About the Author:

Who Is Michelle Davis?

I was born and raised in the city of Chicago on the southside to Izora Davis and Dwight Moore. I was raised in the Woodlawn community up until the age of thirteen. We then relocated to public housing - better known as "the projects" on 42nd and Lake Park where I must say, I found myself.

I began writing at the age of ten after reading my mother's collection of Harlequin Mystery novels. I can't recall the name of the one book that inspired me to write my own mystery but I am grateful for it. It was all of about twenty-four pages - a lot for a ten year old to write and my teacher allowed me to read it to the class. The response I got was so powerful that it set me on the road I find myself travelling today.

My second creation came some years later when I was fourteen. I read it to some classmates and they loved it, further inspiring me to think "hmm, I've got something here". I realize that this is a calling for me and I only hope I respond well to it.
I was blessed with four beautiful children and I'm currently helping to raise my sweetheart's nephew. Although professionally I am a sociologist, I hope to focus on writing full time and devote all of my vested energies into my passion.

But a lot of that depends on you, so hopefully I have garnered a fan base that can relate to the stories I have to tell.