Make Money...

Doesn't everyone want to ... Make Money ... that is. I know I surely do.

I was downsized in June of this year and since I've had more time on my hands than I normally would, I managed to finish up and publish my first blook (book based on a blog ... yay me!) However, what that did was whet my appetite for becoming a part of the whole "starving artist"/"freelancer" world that exists out there in the big wide web.

In a cursory search through one of those blog for money adsense communities, I came across a blogpost entitled "4 Ways to Make Money Blogging". I almost passed it by without reading cause my Adsense account from January 2006 to November 2006 has a whopping total of $1.67. Now with six blogs and pretty decent traffic and writing skills, if I may be so immodest, I figured some of my posts would have engendered a click or two.

Anyway ... that aside, I noticed that the ad had links to four Web sites and the first was I clicked on the link and read information that started like this:

"There are many ways to make money online. Some are very difficult such as starting an online business, some are somewhat difficult such as utilizing and marketing affiliate programs and some are just easy such as joining a site that just pays you to click through their website. You may be thinking “I will just do the easy way to make money online, I don’t know much about starting a business or marketing online”.

Still skeptical, I read to the end and submitted one of my blogs for approval. Boy am I glad that I didn't let my cynicism prevent me from the earning possibilities provided by Blogitive.

A month later I am happy to say that lives up to its billing. Once your blog is approved you simply have to write about the company, services or products contained within the web release provided, use the link provided, link it to the specified key words, make sure the post is at least 100 words, make sure you have two regular posts in between Blogitive Ad posts, make sure your feed is submitted to and of course, in order to get paid, submit the Url of the post to Blogitive and receive payment once a week.

Not too shabby hmmmm?

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