Introducing: Wisdom Seeds

Title: Wisdom Seeds
Author: Patrice Wade Johnson
Release Date: 2006
ISBN: 0977346404
List Price: $15.00


From the outside, life in the Allen home appears to be perfect, but as a little girl Danielle begins to discern the façade. Joy, love, happiness and peace become mere words that are mentioned in her dad's sermons and in her grandmother's stories of the wisdom seeds. It is after Danielle is beguiled by Greg and left heart-broken, single and pregnant that life begins to water the spiritual truths planted by her grandmother. Danielle then begins to understand the significance of the wisdom seeds as she reaps what has been sown into her heart.

About the Author:

As a high school administrator and women's ministry facilitator, Patrice Wade-Johnson impacts the lives of people every day. Her life and profession co-exist on the same foundational principle - Jesus saves and changes lives. Ms. Johnson is a founding member of the Sanctuary of Praise where her ministry includes singing God's praises and the women's fellowship. Ms. Johnson is also the interim director of the Sanctuary Outreach Network. After graduating from high school in New York City, Ms. Johnson received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. Her professional experience includes Counseling, Educational Administration and community youth initiatives for youth and young women. She is currently a high school Assistant Principal. Ms. Johnson has written and directed 'In Your Mirror I See Me', 'Sitting On Top of the World', and 'Cindy - an urban fairytale'. Wisdom Seeds is her debut novel.

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