Introducing: Thug Nation

Release Date: OCTOBER, 2006
ISBN: 0-9787780-1-4
Format: Paperback
List Price: $13.00



All eyes on Gerald Thomas, AKA G Dogg, a merciless gang banger who's migrated from the slums of Chicago into the equally malicious streets of Detroit. He is what he is ... a stone cold killer, battling a quiet conscious and ever chasing demons.

After being released from prison Gerald has his first opportunity to walk away from the life ... no more affiliation, no more murder. But old habits die hard; especially when the price is right. There's a new hard hitting organization in town, well aware of Gerald's notorious reputation as "Gangland Assassin". Blinded by greed and his thirst to escape the hood, Gerald accepts, signing his name in blood on a contract that binds him for life.

The beast within is reborn and Gerald applies the role perfectly. Seems money ain't a thang any more yet it's the drastic steps it takes to get it. While he plans an exit with his daughter and her mother, old allies become weary and suspicious of his dealings. Gerald also finds that he has a historic link with his new associates ... the conflict of murder.

In the end it's do or die ... for EVERYONE. THUG NATION is a piece of gang madness and the effect it had on Detroit and so many other cities in the mid to late 90's ... the disturbing portrait of a young man swallowed whole by the streets.

About the Author:

Contel Bradford was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, exposed to various elements and hazardous environments. While he fell in love with the art of writing at an early age, he eventually strayed off and was corrupted by the wicked ways of the surrounding streets. After making a few horrid decisions, Contel realized he no longer wanted to be a part of the urban madness, distancing himself from the drama. It was then that Mr. Bradford embraced writing as his true passion.

In 2002 Contel Bradford wrote his first book, Dark Decisions, a graphic piece of literature depicting urban life in the rawest of forms. He quickly learned the craft of screenwriting and elected to toggle both careers in hopes of flourishing in the entertainment industry.

Still ignored by commercial publishers, Contel began printing, producing and distributing his own work with the establishment of Count Krew Publications in 2005, just in time for the debut of his second real life classic, Dangerously in Love.

As of now Contel Bradford has written four riveting screenplays, including his latest smash, Dayton’s Mob, with several more in the waits. His steamy, provocative short story, Hot in Here, was recently published and released with Silks Vault, a fast rising online publisher of the finest in erotic literature. Immediately thereafter Silks Vault Publishing accepted and released Contel’s gripping Ebook, A Gentlemen’s Cry, the first episode of the Dangerously in Love series.

While Mr. Bradford is currently just a small voice in the world, he’s already recognized as one of the most prolific authors of authentic urban prose on the scene, picking up the pen right where legendary talents such as Donald Goines and Ice Berg Slim left off. Contel continues to write vigorously while selling books from his trunk, night clubs and anywhere eager readers are lurking.

Contel’s newest book, THUG NATION has just been released with Count Krew Publications, one of the most painfully truthful pieces ever composed. Mr. Bradford’s next book, CONSEQUENCES, will be released in the winter of 2006.

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