Introducing: Just a Picture in a Frame

Publisher: Ward 8 Publishing
Release Date: 2006
ISBN: 0900976224
Paperback: 250 pages
List Price: $14.95


"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Is that why Cheryl aspired to become a fashion model? Whose DNA is to blame for her love of the world of "Haute Fashion?" Her mother, Jessica, or her estranged Father.

When Cheryl discovers an old photograph in Jessica's jewelry case and can't get a credible explanation from her, is that why Cheryl chose to keep secrets too. What happens when Cheryl's lifelong dream turns into a nightmare and she is forced to decide between a provocateur and a provider? A dream maker and a dream taker. Does her love for high fashions and popularity cloud her mind?"

About the Author:

Baba Evans Moore attended the Chicago Theological Seminary and was awarded a John Haynes Holmes Fellowship. After graduating, he served three years as a Unitarian minister and an active member of The Chicago Center for Black Religious Studies. He eventually left All Souls Unitarian Church after deciding his ministry was in the streets of Chicago and not The Church.

Baba’s social conscious guided him through the Civil Rights Movement of the turbulent Sixties and the seventies, where he worked with members of the three major youth gangs in Chicago in a program called, “LSD, Lords Stones and Disciples.”

He left Chicago, relocated in Atlanta, to pursue the new role of entrepreneur. He joined with a famous entertainer and formed a successful oil company, B&E Petroleum Company. Within a short time, Baba found himself advising local Black business owners on how to become Minority suppliers and get their piece of the American Pie.

When economical opportunities demised for Blacks in Atlanta, Baba relocated to Washington, DC, became Chief of Staff to the senior member on the DC Board of Education, and later DC Public School’s Parent Involvement Coordinator.

The violent activities in the streets of Washington, DC and the growing problematic atmosphere in the district’s schools encouraged his writing career. Baba felt compelled to write and express the many social issues facing poor peoples in the nation’s capital... Eventually, DC became Baba Evans Moore’s new ministry.

Throughout his tenure Washington, Baba has received numerous community awards for his service to children and families: Youth-Build Program, DCPS Head Start Program, Significant Male Task Force, Falcon Edge Male Task Force, Inc.’s “Trail Blazer Male Involvement,” and the Greater Washington Urban League’s “Image of Fatherhood Loving Lifting Hands.” .

Baba Evans’ most treasured writing awards: Disilgold, Soul Magazine’s “Most Aspiring Breakthrough Male Author of The Year Award” and, C&B Distribution’s “Author of the Year” award.

Baba lives in Maryland and is currently the Parent Educator for the Toyota Family Literacy Program in a DC elementary school.

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