Introducing: Alex's Dreams

Release Date: DECEMBER 31, 2004
ISBN: 1418468622
Paperback: 352 pages
List Price: $22.95


"ALEX'S DREAMS "A novel of a romantically dramatic nature based on sequences of "coming of age" events in the lives of a group of teenagers dealing with general, social events beckoning all young people venturing into the varied and complicated stages of adulthood written by one of the most spectacularly imaginative minds looking to break ground in the literary world...

My work is titled Alex's Dreams and it is a drama based on some general events, but mostly the vision of a "normal" life being lived by the main character, Alexandria (Alex). Although the novel is based on her, the novel also expands on the lives of the other roles as well. It basically describes the everyday lives of teenagers turning into young adults experiencing general situations such as dating, relationships, academic pressures and others. However, there are also other situations that are more intense and bewildering, mostly being heated sexual desires and acts that are, for the most part, heart-racing, lustful, passionate and raunchy at best.

As mentioned before, this novel revolves mainly around the main character Alexandria. At the beginning of the story, Alexandria is a sixteen-year-old girl who moved, with her family, from Oregon to Los Angeles, California to find a better life. Her family consists of her mother Kathleen (thirty-six), younger brother Vincent (twelve) and Cody (eight). Through the story, Alex grows in mind, body and soul. Her life is filled with fruitful rewards that she never imagined could happen living in Oregon. Her intelligence propels her through high school and college. In that process, she finds popularity, comfort and positive results. Alex, also, finds that special thing we all look for in our lives and that is true love.

In her first and last year in Ernest Rutherford High School, Alex meets the love of her life Christopher (Chris). He is a senior classman who, ironically enough, is the most famed and fabled students in his time there. Chris emerges out of Ernest Rutherford a high school football star and goes on to college with Alex. During his time in college, he is strangely pulled into a professional wrestling career by a wrestler who challenged him at an event he attended and won the World title. Wanting to finish college, Chris put the wrestling world on the backburner and finished college with Alex and their lives together progressed further.

In their fast-tracked relationship, Alex and Chris took on a lot of things most couples wouldn't dare to in the time they've been together. It seemed as if Alex and Chris immediately clicked and they both knew everything about each other. Shortly after they got together, Chris proposed to Alex and they immediately wedded. Not too long after that, Alex and Chris took another big step and brought their two children into the world. Most couples would not last as long on this fast track, however Alex and Chris persevered through it all. Including a couple of squabbles here and there. As all couples are prone to do, Alex and Chris did have some tough times. Whether it be physical trauma, trust issues or other situations, they worked it out and did so very maturely. As a matter of fact, their disagreements were very few. One incident being when Alex and Chris first got together and Alex lets her emotional insecurities from past relationships overwhelm her. Not knowing that Chris was with his friend Georgianna (Giana), Alex completely misinterprets the situation and Chris explains things to her. Alex, then, understands, apologizes to Chris and Giana and starts trusting Chris more than before.

Another incident is more dramatic than the first and was very much more complicated. Chris' ex-girlfriend, Christina Bellerose had reentered his life through a very premeditated and mysterious consequence. She had traveled from her out-of-state college and sent a line to Chris to pick her up with him not knowing that she was the one he was picking up. After her arrival, Chris had attempted to make connections and try to make Christina's stay pleasant and helped her settle in. Chris had made his relationship with Alex known to Christina and she was stunned to say the least. With this new information fresh in her mind, Christina had gone on the defensive to attempt to win Chris back. Later on, Chris and Alex had invited Christina to a college dance they were to attend that night. Seeing that this was a great opportunity to unfold her master plan, Christina had immediately accepted the invite. The night of the dance, Christina had conveniently lost her ride back to the campus dormitory and asked if Chris could give her a ride back. Chris did and in her dorm room is where Christina tried to seduce Chris away from Alex. Using all of her seductive whims and her enticing advances, Christina pulled out all of the stops to have Chris slip between her sheets. Although very taken by her and very tempted to act out his raging desires, Chris realized the situation and forted Christina off and escaped her tempest attempting to engulf his utopia with Alex.

The love that Alex and Chris share with each other is the kind of love I believe we all should have. Also, that is a shining example of how I believe love should be: unconditional with the highest degree of fidelity. Another love that Alex and Chris share is for their friends. They stick together through the thick and thin. Through good times and bad, they pull each other through the most intense of situations. They share great times and acted out fantasies through riveting discussions, personal actions, hanging out, you know - the basic "clique" stuff.

About the Author:

I was born on Tuesday, December 5, 1977, 7:35 am in Queens General Hospital in the Saint Albans section of Queens, New York. In junior high school, I met a young, Hispanic female named Yadeline. We had been friends for a while and then, in our first year in high school, she had told me about a book that she had been writing. She pulled a 300-page spiral notebook filled with the book she had been writing. She had told me that her book had a plot somewhat similar to The Babysitter's Club. After she had shown me her novel, without even read it, I had told myself, "This is what I want to do. I can do this. I can write a book too." After that epiphany, I had started writing my first book Alex's Dreams. After a few weeks, I had written about ten to fifteen pages of it and I lost them all. I had no idea what I had done with my book. So, after that, I had taken that experience as a sign to say maybe I wasn't meant to be a writer.

A little while after that experience, I was overwhelmed with new ideas for Alex's Dreams. So, one night, I just sat down and wrote. That night of writing turned into days. Then those days turned into weeks, months and years. To this day, I'm still brimming over with ideas for the novel I am developing now and future projects.

The main person I have to thank for my inspiration for finishing this novel is my mother, Katherine. Had it not been for her, this novel would have been collecting dust in my closet instead of it being published. She pushed me to not "sell myself short" and to not take short cuts and lay back. She taught me to use my initiative to my greatest advantage and for that I am grateful.

Another person for whom I have to thank for most of the ideas for this novel is my wife, Leslie. In terms of the periled journeys of being involved in a relationship, she has opened my eyes to many different aspects of life. She showed me the very complex and advanced levels that a relationship could and variably does enter. From dating to marriage and beyond, she has taught me so much about myself and what type of relationship I am capable of.

My personal quote to myself, whenever things aren't going my way is "Keep the Faith!" That's what I say to myself whenever my life seems to be taking a dramatic turn for the worse. All you have to do is keep the faith and keep hope alive and everything will turn out fine. In other instances, some other mottos apply. It's just that my motto "Keep the Faith" pretty much applies to everything.

I am finished writing my second novel, which is a continuation of this first one. This work will delve more into the darker element of reality, such as the loss of a family member, rape, infidelity and more. I also must admit, the sex scenes in this new work are more extreme and raunchier than I ever anticipated. I also have created a floor plan for a mature adventure book, delving into the life of a woman journeying through life in a world where she recognizes no moral value but she still retains her personal integrity. She travels attempting to spread wholesome and good moral values. In a nutshell, she is a good woman in a bad world.

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