A Word About Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you’re about to purchase a diamond engagement ring for the woman of your dreams, I’m sure that the last thing on your mind is: does it suit her personal style? You've probably perused magazines and a Web site or two in order to find the best tips on "spotting the flaw in your diamond" or "are all karats equal?"

However, according to Primestyle.com, a reputable jeweler located in the diamond district in Manhattan, “Jewelry requires thought. It should fit her looks, personality and lifestyle. Personal style should be reflected in jewelry.”

So when you go to a jeweler and the sales rep asks questions like, “What does she do? or What’s her lifestyle?” He/she is not trying to get into your soon-to-be fiancée’s business; they’re trying to assist you in selecting the perfect ring … for her.

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