Spread the Word: Safer Prescriptions

Hi Folks,

Excuse me while I interrupt our regular programming to call your attention to Epocrates a CA-based, privately owned, recently voted 257/500 fastest growing businesses. They have recently added an online reference/directory to their reportoire.

However, this is not your average online reference site. This reference sit, does a lot to make it easier for healthcare professionals to operate in a highly efficient manner with results that would make patients feel a lot more comfortable fulfilling their prescriptions ... if they knew about it.

That's where you come in. The next time you're about to fulfill your prescription, whether it be Zyrtec, Plavix or Protonix, ask your doctor and pharmacist if they've heard of Epocrates' Online reference.

When they ask why?

How about the fact that the Web site contains complete records for Dosing guidelines, the possibility of drug interactions or the price of over 3,300 drugs. And not only that, but the use of this Web site would place the focus back where it belongs: on the patients rather than having to reference multiple websites or search through medical texts for information that is now available at the click of the mouse.


Because the company has made it their business to amass a clinical network connecting nearly 500,000 healthcare professionals, including one in four U.S. physicians and one in two U.S. medical students, with other healthcare stakeholders. And not only that reports are coming in that their products are positively impacting patient safety


In the words of Kirk Loevner, E. Epocrates chairman and chief executive officer, “The new online offering will help us grow our network beyond the healthcare professionals that currently use our PDA-based applications.”

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