Excerpt: I'm Telling: A Novel

I squeezed my eyes real tight, but I couldn’t get what I had just seen out of my mind. My stepfather’s face in between my twin sister’s legs.

Even with my eyes closed I could still see them. And I could smell them too.

A funny smell. Kind of like sweat and something else. And I could hear them whispering and scrambling around like they were trying to grab up their clothes.

I kept my eyes shut and squatted down in the corner of the bathroom, covering my ears and clenching my teeth so hard they hurt.

I wanted to run downstairs and hide under the blanket in my bed, but if I did I would have to run past the bedroom door where I had just seen them doing the nasty.

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I'm Telling by Karen E. Quinones Miller (Simon & Schuster, 2002) $13.00
Available in bookstores nationwide and online at www.amazon.com.

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