Excerpt: Caught in the Middle

Have you ever felt "Caught in the Middle"?

They stumbled up the rugged steel stairs that led to their motel room. Her blouse was nearly undone by the time they reached the door. Their kisses became deeper with every breath. At that second, she felt the metal numbers on the door behind her as he had her back up against it. He fumbled with the key as she began tugging at his belt and loosening his pants. The door finally swung open and slammed just as quickly.

He lifted her up against the wall with her legs straddled around his waist. She began to feel something stiff between her legs and smiled with excitement. She reached down and started caressing his dick through his pants. He dropped her legs as her blouse and bra hit the floor. He kneeled and slid down her silk skirt, only leaving her in her black high heels. He leaned over, grabbed one of her nipples with his teeth, and worked her all over. As they fondled each other, she mentally ran down all the things he liked. Beforehand, he told her that he liked for women to talk dirty and get real freaky with it.

Since this was the first time they met, she wanted to pull all the stops. She always wanted her lovers to be satisfied. She walked backwards towards the bed and fell hard onto the much-used mattress. He stood over and slid out of his pants while freeing the supporting actor of this picture. He tore open a condom wrapper and slid it on his member.

Although he was above average, she was not impressed. She’s seen all different kinds of men and size sometimes did not matter. He could be hung and not have any clue on how to use it. It sure was hard though. It just stood there pointing at her, ready to attack. She smiled as she also slid out of her panties and revealed the leading role. She let all her shit out. She didn’t care. She wasn’t the type to brag about anything. Other people did that for her, without objection. That’s how she met this guy. Let’s just say that he heard about her through word of mouth and that was the best form of advertisement. He started stroking his dick as she lied on the bed waiting for him.

“What are you going to do with that big thing?” she said to him. She watched his ego grow a few more inches as she licked her lips. She grabbed both of her nipples and pinched them with a little pain.

“Why don’t you lick on them?” he said while stroking himself. She did as he said, waiting for him to get started so she could get off.

“Why don’t you roll over?”

Okay, he must know that doggy-style is my favorite position. I hope this is good, she thought. She rolled over on all fours and spread her legs while she waited for him to enter her. She felt a shiver in her thighs with the sudden plunge making her back arch. He instantly began to pump into her, causing the bed to squeak louder with every movement. After a couple of thrusts, it started to feel good and she felt her moans matching his. Suddenly, she felt him shake and tremble when she then realized he was climaxing. She rolled her eyes as he fell from behind her, still shaking with She got up and headed for the bathroom. delight. What the hell, she thought to herself as he flopped off her.

“Damn, I knew you would be good from just looking at you.”

“So baby what did you think?”

She turned back, faked a smile and shut the door. She looked at her watch and quickly washed herself up.

“What do you think? What kind of question is that after five minutes?”

She came out of the bathroom and caught him smiling as if he just saved the world. She started walking towards the door when he sat up and blurted, “Where are you going? I mean the room’s already paid for.”

She dropped her business card on the desk and answered, “Sorry baby. I don’t stay and cuddle or any of that shit. I’m gone. Here’s my card.” Her high heels clicked on the metal stairs as she ran away to her car.

“Men ain’t shit," she laughed while speeding away.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Cassandra Daniels

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