Q & A with Dee S. White

Q: Why do you write?

A: As a child I wrote to keep an account of the good things I’d never want to forget;
As a teen I wrote as a silent cry for help;
As a young adult I wrote the things I hoped one day to forget;
As a thirty-something woman I wrote for clarity, catharsis and peace;
Now I write for the pure joy of expression with the hope that with every word I share I might prevent someone from going where I’ve been.

Q: What led you to write Age is Just a Number?

A: I believe the following excerpt answers that question quite nicely:

Meet Divine: female, thirty-seven, slaphappy, young at heart, self-employed; an online newbie, living in New York. She is fresh out of a long-term relationship and has completed the two-year mandatory wound-licking I-hate-men mourning period. Unfortunately for Divine, someone neglected to inform her that dating has been upgraded to new millennium level. But maybe she shouldn’t worry … hemlines aren’t the only things that have gone up.

Thirty-somethings are premium dating material now … at least for the twenty-year-olds … Divine’s experiences are the basis for the serial memoir I call
Age Is Just a Number, a lens through which to view the world of online dating.

Since the year 2003, I’ve logged much time online—chatting, emailing and IMing. In that time, I’ve probably spoken with over three hundred people, male and female, and I’ve realized something:

I’ve realized that there are many Divines in the world. They come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and financial brackets, drawn together by a commonality, a deep-seated loneliness or hunger for something—and by the generally accepted idea that the solution is in finding a mate.

This recounting, although entertaining, is intended to acknowledge that such a need exists, affirm the validity of that need, share the pain, caution the naïve, and pose the question that maybe … just maybe … the accepted solution ought to be an ongoing relationship with God.
This blook is the first volume of the serial memoir: Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating.

Welcome to my world!


Q: There are many online dating books out there, what makes Age is Just a Number different?

A: Age is Just a Number entertains, affirms, unifies and makes one think. It also acknowledges the fact that not only is there a huge population online of lonely folks, a lot of them deal with abuse, obesity, mental illness and many other ailments which are largely unaddressed or untreated. Included in the back portion of AIJAN is not only the usual book related resource section, but also an additional section with numbers, addresses and URL’s to hotlines and organizations that can assist abuse, rape, incest sufferers/survivors and those with mental illnesses.

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