Meet COS Productions

I just discovered this gem on (yes I'm turning into a myspace junkie, but hey if a girl's gonna market, promote and publicize herself as well as others -- what better place to do it?) I'm a big believer that there's more than one way to do things and that includes getting the word out about your book.

That being said, here are a few words from Sheila of COS Productions

COS Productions are the original creators of the concept of Book Trailers. If you see book videos out there, we may not have created it, but we're to blame for the trend. LOL

Our purpose here on MySpace isn't just to show our video, though we do that. What he hoped to do here is create a true cyber-community for people who love books, write books or are somehow involved with books. And then, to help everyone network!

We have a booksellers list put together and we're working on an authors list. We never charge for lists and we never charge for Book Blurbs. The objective for us is to help people network. Authors and Publishers/Authors and Booksellers/ Booksellers and Publishers/ Readers and Authors/ Readers and Bookstores...there are so many synergistic opportunities!

We don't go out an arbitrarily seek "friends". We do, however, target people who read, write, publish or sell books. We're hoping to have a unique community where the book industry and readers can meet and be a little more personal.

We hope to see our community grow. We are using our blog to do "themes" like the lists, and like highlighting genres each month. In October we're highlighting horror/thrillers because of Halloween! This gives people an opportunity to see specialized lists of a particular genre.

All in all, this is a social networking site. It is our cyber-home. The welcome mat is out. Come on it. Take your shoes off. Relax and have fun. lol

Thanks Dee!


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