No More Slumlord

Hi folks,

I've been a bit of a slumlord to my previous tenants, not introducing them or anything, but I'm making a change in my life... LOL. (I borrowed that phrase from one of my daughter's best friends).

Meet this week's tenant: Winsome Gunning Art Walk

She is an artist and I copied this description from her "about me" section:

"The paintings I produce are about working from the creative spirit within. At different times themes emerge which I feel drawn to develop but always my work is about discovering this spirit and listening to its promptings. It is a daily walk to keep myself clear of the blocks which stop me connecting to this creative flow."

Now y'all show Winsome how we do around here. Hop on over to the sidebar, click on her link and don't forget to say hi and that your found her site by way of Read Zone!


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The Artist said...

Thanks for the great writeup. You have a great site and look forward to staying in touch, with best wishes, The Artist