Bookstore Spotlight: Urban Club Books

This month I'd like to introduce Urban Club Books. They have a brick and mortar location in Long Island, New York and for the online shopper like myself, a web presence, as well.

I found this bookstore by way of one of my Yahoo Groups. They are actively seeking authors for book signings so if you're an author or you know of one ... do pass the word along.

What I like about this bookstore is that they've put some thought into "what makes me unique" which is important in the world of business when you're supplying the same product as your competitors. Your unique factor has to be about more than numbers because everyone can give a discount and pretty soon it becomes about who's going to beat whose price?

But Urban Club Books, by their very name has stated who their main target audience is intended to be: African American Book Clubs. However, if that's not enough, it seems as though they also intend to give Amazon a run for their money. They have a used book list and they also have an option for book lovers to list their used books for a 90-day period for a small fee of $1.00 per book.

Seems like a well thought out plan to me.


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