Seattle Condos

CondoList, the number one searched condominium dedicated site on the Internet has just launched a new program. This Program is called The Condo List and it would enable seekers of Seattle Condos to obtain the contact information of the listing agent or owner without the hassle of the middleman. The site receives thousands of unique visitors every day, visitors who are all looking to buy sell or rent condos.

Also of note is another program called “Building Specialists”. This program enables agents to specialize in a specific condo building: usually a luxury high rise condo building.

Please Note: Agents do have to meet certain criteria in order to become a Seattle Building Specialist.

Introducing: Intimate Musings

Title: INTIMATE MUSINGS (Discover Kai Poetry, Volume 2)
Author: a.Kai
Release Date: NOVEMBER, 2006
Paperback: 84 pages
List Price: $7.50


A personal journey into the intimate thoughts, experiences, musing and imagings of a writer. Intimate Musings contains 32 poems, examining love, life, decision making and choices. A personal introspective look at circumstances and situations and how they are perceived. The compilation consists of 84 pages, including two chapters excerpted from the next a.Kai release, Life- The series: Frustration's Repercussions. Intimate Musings is available in both paperback and hardcover with dustjacket.

Read an excerpt
Buy a Copy of Intimate Musings

About the Author:

Aisha K. Moore, Esq. is a published poet and novelist who enjoys writing fantasy sci fi (speculative fiction), commercial and inspirational fiction. Her short story Second Chance has been published in True: Vol. 2 and her latest short story, The Marks, is currently being published by The Writer's Cafe' Press in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness. Among her various projects are two published books of poetry, Discover Kai Poetry: Cherished Beginnings and Intimate Musings. Her next two projects, scheduled for release in December 2006, are Life- The Series: Frustration's Repercussions and Stream in the Desert.

She has recently joined the review team of Read Zone Book Reviews and is a regular contributor to Sojournals.

Aisha began posting her intimate thoughts, musings, experience and imaginings under the pen name of a.Kai to create a private zone where she could freely release her inhibitions and give herself completely to writing. She continues to blog daily at and creates online e-blooks, or novels, for reader entertainment.

Introducing: Love is the Beautiful Black Woman

Title: Love is the Beautiful Black Woman
Author: Vernon J. Davis, Jr.
Publisher: Authorhouse
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: January 2001
ISBN-10: 1420849441
ISBN-13: 978-1420849448
Paperback: 72 pages
List Price: $11.45


"LOVE, IS, THE BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN" is a tribute to all Black Women. It is my praise and trophy to the strong independent women of color that I've met and yet to meet. The good, the bad , the indifferent. I hope my poems reflects and mirrors all the variety of women I admire and gain strength from.

This collection of poetry is my way of showing the greatest appreciation of our Beautiful Black Women. The positive and the not-so positive shades of their personalities;their ever-changing moods which I find so overwhelmingly attractive.

So, to their determined Spirit I dedicate this book---Queens All!

About the Author:

Vernon J. Davis, Jr. has been writing poetry since the early seventies. He was first inspired by Langston Hughes's poem "Impasse", which started his journey and adventure into the world of poetry and the spoken word.Vernon's very first published poem,"Beautiful Black Woman"(the basis for his poetry book) came out in 1978 in a magazine called Black Forum. More poetry followed in other magazines like SoulWord and Dawn, a magazine supplement to the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African-American newspaper.Mr. Davis has also taught Creative Writing and recited his poetry in talent shows, Church gatherings and open-mike forums. He is still inspired by and in awe of Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou. His Idols.His creative collection of Love poems,"Love,is, the Beautiful Black Woman" is his first book.

Car Insurance Prices

I am not now nor have I been a fan of GEICO since we parted ways in 1996, however, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due.

With the help of the American Moving and Storage Association, GEICO has create a brochure for its site entitled "Teens & Trucks". This addition to GEICO's library of safe driving materials for teen drivers is an attempt to keep teens informed on safe practices as well as keep car insurance prices at a reasonable rate. This information is geared towards teens that are now learning to drive. It includes tips like:
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  • Do not swerve in front of a truck or cause the driver to come to a sudden stop

Announcement: A message from

Stanice Anderson, Inspirational Speaker and Author

Hello Chosen Ones:

I am Stanice Anderson, host of Faith-Lift with Stanice STARTS TODAY on

In recovery for 21 years--one day at a time. I’m an inspirational speaker, author of I Say A Prayer For Me: One Woman’s Life of Faith and Triumph, published by Walk Worthy Press/Warner Books.

And now I have the privilege of being here with you for one-hour on Thursdays! Transparency, hope, excitement, healing, humor, and life stories are the gifts I bring.

Inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging people through personal testimonies of getting real, rayed-up and empowered to discover and live out God’s plans and purposes is what I do. Infuse that with topic-related music, seal it with a prayer, and you have the recipe for Faith-Lift with Stanice. Thursdays on

So, ANYTIME TODAY, come over to to support a me...

I appreciate you and remember, God is blessing you, right now!

"Beware of guys with matchbook covers torn off at the end," my father warned me as he walked away. "What exactly does that mean, Daddy?"

Click Stanice to read first chapter of Stanice’s book, I Say A Prayer For Me: One Woman’s Life of Faith and Triumph published by Walk Worthy Press/Warner Books. (Graphic a gift from Sarah)

Introducing: Please Come Home for Christmas

Title: Please Come Home For Christmas
Author: Don Fulton
Publisher: Authorhouse
Release Date: June 30, 2005
ISBN-10: 141849545X
ISBN-13: 978-1418495459
Paperback: 208 pages
List Price: $14.95


It is 1968 in New York City, and the holiday season has just begun for Jane Owens' family. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, family drama escalates throughout the season, culminating in lessons learned and secrets revealed in this hard-hitting novel by Don Fulton, Please Come Home for Christmas is available for this season of gift giving ...GET YOUR COPY TODAY IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Written primarily for African-Americans interested in a novel with intense, realistic relationships. Please Come Home for Christmas follow Jane, her husband, Earl the pastor at Queens Community Church, and her children: Ella, Sam and here youngest daughter, Angie. The atmosphere at the Thanksgiving meal is tense: Angie has run away from home with Ella's former boyfriend, and Earl and Sam are constantly gripping at each other. Jane's sister, Pearl Cooper, and her son Eddie, anxiously await for her husband, Bill, to return home form military service in Vietnam.

Sam's changing behavior is of concern, especially because he plans to join a semi-militant black organization, Black Men for New America. Ella is angry because her mother tells Angie she is welcome back home, even though she did run away and have a child with Larry. Ear's religious ideas lead him to insult members of the family for what he believes is immoral activity, which is further complicated when Sam sees Earl courting another woman. Pearl receives a telegram that states Bill has been captured by Vietnamese's forces, and Ella, against her better judgment moves in with Larry. The stress is too much for Sam, and he attempts suicide.

As Christmas approaches, the scarred relationships, anger and resentment twist around every moment of this family's life. The suffering does finally subside, however, despite the arduous road through the winter holiday.

A heart-wrenching novel of family ties and unconditional love, Please Come Home for Christmas is a story that creatively highlights the essence of modern life.

About the Author:

Born in Washington, DC Don Fulton was raise in Kingstree, SC, he strived to write a Christmas novel for black readers that was not syrupy sweet, but instead realistic and affecting. He succeeded in Please Come Home for Christmas, titled after a 1960s song by blues singer Charles Brown that frequently played on the jukeboxes during the holiday season.

Upcoming Release: Whatever It Takes

Release Date: FEBRUARY, 2007
ISBN: 0976985519
Paperback: 260 pages
List Price: $13.95


Whatever It Takes is a compelling novel depicting what happens when Butch and Zig Steel, carrying a 25 year grudge, finally gets their chance to unleash hell upon an unsuspecting prey. Their plan includes kidnapping, extortion and murder; all skillfully executed and absent of pity and remorse. The cherry on top of the Steel brothers cake is 25 million dollars that feeds their thirst for revenge. To complete their mission, it will involve the capturing of innocent 9 year old Penny Baker, because she holds the key to it all. The only thing standing in the Steel brothers way are two seasoned Ride or Die female detectives; Jesse James and Brenda Simple. The detectives new mission in life is to do whatever it takes to protect Penny and bring the Steel Brothers to justice. From the author who brought you the action packed thriller The Mouse That Roared, Dwayne Murray, Sr. invites readers to embrace his new novel Whatever It Takes. He suggests to readers who are lovers of action, thrills, suspense and drama, they must do two things: Grab this book and buckle up because the chase is on!

About the Author:

Born in Harlem, New York and raised in the Bronx Dwayne Murray, Sr. is proud to bring you another fast paced action thriller. With his love for the silver screen since the age of six Dwayne hopes to grab reader s attention with the same intensity that fast paced movies do with his second novel titled Whatever It Takes As a New York City electrician this author lives and walks a fine line on the job and gets a thrill making his readers walk the same line when they read his action packed novels. As a native New Yorker Dwayne aspires to bring to his readers the gritty intense feeling of the same streets he walks everyday making his readers truly understand that the city really consists of eight million stories.

Introducing: The Love We Had

Title: The Love We Had
Author: Dedan Tolbert
Publisher: Ink Water Press
Release Date: OCTOBER, 2006
ISBN: 1592992315
List Price: $15.00


From first time novelist Dedan Tolbert comes a gripping and brutally honest tale of star-crossed lovers whose path to happiness is thwarted by both deadly secrets and a scorned ex-lover.

Derrick is a graduating senior on a small, black college campus who just crossed into a fraternity and has every intention of continuing his player ways with his best friend and line brother, Mike, until he meets Myra a quiet and reserved student with a painful past.

They immediately fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, but Carl, Myra’s unstable ex-boyfriend, has different plans for them. Carl can’t live without Myra, and won’t let her live without him.

Dedan Tolbert takes the reader on a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. Will Myra be enough for Derrick to finally give up his womanizing ways? Will Carl stand in the way of Derrick and Maya walking off into the sunset together? Will painful secrets from all three of their pasts lead to the destruction of everyone’s happiness? The answers will leave you guessing and on the edge of your seat until the final page.

Read an excerpt / Order "The Love We Had..."

About the Author:

28 year old, Philadelphia native, Dedan Tolbert is the author of the novel, “The Love We Had...” and advice columnist for Suavv Magazine. You can view his “Ask Dedan” advice column at Suavv

Dedan is also the founder and CEO of Tolbert Books and Distribution (T B & D) which was founded to help the not so well known author maximize their distribution potential. It also serves as an outlet for new authors to get advice and leadership from other successful authors. T B& D was founded in 2006 and has over 100 employees in over 20 U.S. states.

In his spare time, Dedan writes freelance articles on dating and relationships. He has written for local Philadelphia newspapers as well as popular magazines like, Suavv Magazine, Maelan Magazine, Xtreme Magazine, Infinite Magazine and

Introducing: Ain't Understandin' Mellow

Title: Ain't Understandin' Mellow
Author: Michelle Davis
Publisher: Lulu Press
Release Date: 2005
ISBN-10: 1-4116-5507-9
Paperback/ebook: 250 pages
List Price: $14.95/$7.45


A touching story about a young woman's struggle to find peace and happiness in the midst of devastating obstacles. Overcoming painful hurdles, not only does she find the peace she seeks, she finds herself.

About the Author:

Who Is Michelle Davis?

I was born and raised in the city of Chicago on the southside to Izora Davis and Dwight Moore. I was raised in the Woodlawn community up until the age of thirteen. We then relocated to public housing - better known as "the projects" on 42nd and Lake Park where I must say, I found myself.

I began writing at the age of ten after reading my mother's collection of Harlequin Mystery novels. I can't recall the name of the one book that inspired me to write my own mystery but I am grateful for it. It was all of about twenty-four pages - a lot for a ten year old to write and my teacher allowed me to read it to the class. The response I got was so powerful that it set me on the road I find myself travelling today.

My second creation came some years later when I was fourteen. I read it to some classmates and they loved it, further inspiring me to think "hmm, I've got something here". I realize that this is a calling for me and I only hope I respond well to it.
I was blessed with four beautiful children and I'm currently helping to raise my sweetheart's nephew. Although professionally I am a sociologist, I hope to focus on writing full time and devote all of my vested energies into my passion.

But a lot of that depends on you, so hopefully I have garnered a fan base that can relate to the stories I have to tell.

Introducing: Living Under God

Title: Living Under God
Author: Toby Mac, Michael Tait
Publisher: Bethany House
Release Date: November 30, 2005
ISBN-10: 0764201425
ISBN-13: 978-0764201424
Paperback: 264 pages
List Price: $12.99


Building from the stories in Under God, each of the 60 four-page readings opens with Scripture and then presents a theme—including justice, mercy, and sacrifice, among others—illustrated in the lives and events of our country’s past. Excerpts from Under God are married with deeper biblical exploration of these virtues, followed by tips on how they can be put into action in young people’s lives today. Questions for further study and discussion starters facilitate the use of Living Under God in group settings.

About the Authors:

TOBY MAC is a member of dc Talk, an award-winning solo artist, and one of the authors of the multimillion-selling Jesus Freaks and Jesus Freaks Volume II. He has sold more than seven million albums, won four Grammy awards, and multiple Dove awards. Toby is also the founder of Gotee Records, and his newest release is Welcome to Diverse City. He grew up just outside of Washington, D.C., and he and his family currently live in Tennessee. For more about Toby, go to

MICHAEL TAIT a member of dc Talk and also his award-winning band, TAIT. He has sold more than seven million albums, won four Grammy awards, and multiple Dove awards. He is also the bestselling author of Jesus Freaks and Jesus Freaks Volume II. He recently played the lead role in the national tour of the rock opera Hero. His newest release with TAIT is Lose This Life. Michael grew up four blocks from the Capitol in Washington, D.C. He currently lives in Tennessee. For more about Michael, go to

Introducing: Dirty Dancing at the Prom

Title: Dirty Dancing at the Prom and Other Challenges Christian Teens Face: How Parents Can Help
Author: Barbara Curtis
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press
Release Date: August 2005
ISBN-10: 0834121859
ISBN-13: 978-0834121850
Paperback: 144 pages
List Price: $12.99


From the Back Cover
Dennis Rainey, president of Family Life, says, "If you are looking for a practical, authentic guide for raising teenagers, you've found it! Barbara Curtis is a gifted communicator and a seasoned mom with great advice. Read this book - it will help you love and lead your teenagers."
Dirty Dancing at the Prom.. . . . Do Yourself and Your Kids a Favor!

Parents: You may know where your teenagers are, but are you aware of the challenges they're facing? High school isn't the way you remember it.

Barbara Curtis interviews Christian teens and gives you insider information on what's happening at school today - from peer pressure between classes - to locker room conversations - to the prom. With steps you can take to help your teen: Stay grounded Respect boundaries Avoid temptation Develop compassion Stand up for what's right Make the most of their mistakes Live with integrity.

Parents: Do the homework to help your teen succeed spiritually.

About the Author:

Barbara Curtis, mother of 12 and grandmother of 10 (so far!), has published seven books – including The Mommy Manual and Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room. She is also an award-winning columnist with over 700 published articles in 50 publications, including Focus on the Family, Guideposts, Christian Parenting Today, and The Washington Times. With six children still at home, Barbara and her husband Tripp continue their parenting adventure in northern Virginia. In 2004 they received the Congressional Angel in Adoption Award.

Introducing: Until Next Time

Title: Until Next Time
Author: Assuanta Collins
Publisher: Asta Publications, LLC
Relase Date: February 2006
ISBN-10: 0977706001
ISBN-13: 978-0977706006
Paperback: 200 pages
List Price: $14.95


Sonia Marlon is an ordinary woman who is forced to deal with the trials and tribulations of infidelity, weight, being a woman of color, and her economic status. Dissatisfied with her marriage, she looks for love in all the right and wrong places. Sneak a peek into her intimate thoughts and desires and experience drama as only Sonia Marlon could.

About the Author:

Assuanta Collins is a native New Yorker, residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently she is Director of Continuing Education at Clayton State University and President of Asta Publications, LLC.

In New York, Collins worked with business leaders and community organizations along with other universities and organizations to develop partnerships and programs to train and educate citizens in Harlem by developing and implementing welfare-to-work and job training programs, certificate courses for adult learners wanting to upgrade their skills. In addition, she expanded the children and young adult programs to include academic enrichment and recreational courses.

Asta Publications is the newest literary enterprise to enter the publishing industry is committed to promoting literacy within our communities. Asta focuses on providing a voice and avenue for people to read books that represent them and are enjoyable. We recognize that only through reading can one escape from poverty, racism, and abuse. The gift of reading will prepare one to deal with the ills and the fruits of society. Asta Publications is dedicated to writing and publishing works of art that inspires people to pick up a book and carry it with them.

Collins holds a Master of Science degree in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Fordham University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education from the College of New Rochelle. In addition, she holds membership affiliations in nine associations including the Publishers Marketing Association, American Counseling Association, the American Society for Training and Development, the National Employment Counseling Association and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective all-discipline honor society.

Introducing: Just a Picture in a Frame

Publisher: Ward 8 Publishing
Release Date: 2006
ISBN: 0900976224
Paperback: 250 pages
List Price: $14.95


"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Is that why Cheryl aspired to become a fashion model? Whose DNA is to blame for her love of the world of "Haute Fashion?" Her mother, Jessica, or her estranged Father.

When Cheryl discovers an old photograph in Jessica's jewelry case and can't get a credible explanation from her, is that why Cheryl chose to keep secrets too. What happens when Cheryl's lifelong dream turns into a nightmare and she is forced to decide between a provocateur and a provider? A dream maker and a dream taker. Does her love for high fashions and popularity cloud her mind?"

About the Author:

Baba Evans Moore attended the Chicago Theological Seminary and was awarded a John Haynes Holmes Fellowship. After graduating, he served three years as a Unitarian minister and an active member of The Chicago Center for Black Religious Studies. He eventually left All Souls Unitarian Church after deciding his ministry was in the streets of Chicago and not The Church.

Baba’s social conscious guided him through the Civil Rights Movement of the turbulent Sixties and the seventies, where he worked with members of the three major youth gangs in Chicago in a program called, “LSD, Lords Stones and Disciples.”

He left Chicago, relocated in Atlanta, to pursue the new role of entrepreneur. He joined with a famous entertainer and formed a successful oil company, B&E Petroleum Company. Within a short time, Baba found himself advising local Black business owners on how to become Minority suppliers and get their piece of the American Pie.

When economical opportunities demised for Blacks in Atlanta, Baba relocated to Washington, DC, became Chief of Staff to the senior member on the DC Board of Education, and later DC Public School’s Parent Involvement Coordinator.

The violent activities in the streets of Washington, DC and the growing problematic atmosphere in the district’s schools encouraged his writing career. Baba felt compelled to write and express the many social issues facing poor peoples in the nation’s capital... Eventually, DC became Baba Evans Moore’s new ministry.

Throughout his tenure Washington, Baba has received numerous community awards for his service to children and families: Youth-Build Program, DCPS Head Start Program, Significant Male Task Force, Falcon Edge Male Task Force, Inc.’s “Trail Blazer Male Involvement,” and the Greater Washington Urban League’s “Image of Fatherhood Loving Lifting Hands.” .

Baba Evans’ most treasured writing awards: Disilgold, Soul Magazine’s “Most Aspiring Breakthrough Male Author of The Year Award” and, C&B Distribution’s “Author of the Year” award.

Baba lives in Maryland and is currently the Parent Educator for the Toyota Family Literacy Program in a DC elementary school.

Introducing: Saving Grace: When Fate Steps In

Title: Saving Grace: When Fate Steps In
Author: JoAnn D. Bellamy
Publisher: Xulon Press
Release Date: June 8, 2006
ISBN: 1597818062
Paperback: 172 pages
List Price: $12.99


Grace is born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, in the early 1950s in a Christian family where mistakes are made. This loving, impressionable little girl grows up to be a famous fashion designer with the world at her command. After experiencing the loss of those she loved dearly, Grace grows angry with God and thus sets out on a path of destruction. Life takes her in unimaginable directions full of secrets, guilt, and shame. How does one fight God? Grace truly gives it her best shot but learns a valuable lesson when faced with her own mortality, and her life takes a different turn When Fate Steps In. An African proverb says, "The bitter heart eats its owner." Saving Grace is about faith and family. It's about love and compassion. It's about the forgiveness of others and the ability to forgive oneself. It's about second chances and growth. Saving Grace could be you or your family. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and believe.

About the Author:

Everyone writes for a reason and JoAnn Denise Bellamy is no different.

"Saving Grace was written as a vehicle to getting clean, safe, water to the village of Mafi Sasekpe, in West Africa, enhancing the quality of life for all. Thank you for being a part of this dream. Contact or (718) 801-5723 to assist or comment."

Author will do private signings for church groups, family reunions, book fairs, etc.

Introducing: Alex's Dreams

Release Date: DECEMBER 31, 2004
ISBN: 1418468622
Paperback: 352 pages
List Price: $22.95


"ALEX'S DREAMS "A novel of a romantically dramatic nature based on sequences of "coming of age" events in the lives of a group of teenagers dealing with general, social events beckoning all young people venturing into the varied and complicated stages of adulthood written by one of the most spectacularly imaginative minds looking to break ground in the literary world...

My work is titled Alex's Dreams and it is a drama based on some general events, but mostly the vision of a "normal" life being lived by the main character, Alexandria (Alex). Although the novel is based on her, the novel also expands on the lives of the other roles as well. It basically describes the everyday lives of teenagers turning into young adults experiencing general situations such as dating, relationships, academic pressures and others. However, there are also other situations that are more intense and bewildering, mostly being heated sexual desires and acts that are, for the most part, heart-racing, lustful, passionate and raunchy at best.

As mentioned before, this novel revolves mainly around the main character Alexandria. At the beginning of the story, Alexandria is a sixteen-year-old girl who moved, with her family, from Oregon to Los Angeles, California to find a better life. Her family consists of her mother Kathleen (thirty-six), younger brother Vincent (twelve) and Cody (eight). Through the story, Alex grows in mind, body and soul. Her life is filled with fruitful rewards that she never imagined could happen living in Oregon. Her intelligence propels her through high school and college. In that process, she finds popularity, comfort and positive results. Alex, also, finds that special thing we all look for in our lives and that is true love.

In her first and last year in Ernest Rutherford High School, Alex meets the love of her life Christopher (Chris). He is a senior classman who, ironically enough, is the most famed and fabled students in his time there. Chris emerges out of Ernest Rutherford a high school football star and goes on to college with Alex. During his time in college, he is strangely pulled into a professional wrestling career by a wrestler who challenged him at an event he attended and won the World title. Wanting to finish college, Chris put the wrestling world on the backburner and finished college with Alex and their lives together progressed further.

In their fast-tracked relationship, Alex and Chris took on a lot of things most couples wouldn't dare to in the time they've been together. It seemed as if Alex and Chris immediately clicked and they both knew everything about each other. Shortly after they got together, Chris proposed to Alex and they immediately wedded. Not too long after that, Alex and Chris took another big step and brought their two children into the world. Most couples would not last as long on this fast track, however Alex and Chris persevered through it all. Including a couple of squabbles here and there. As all couples are prone to do, Alex and Chris did have some tough times. Whether it be physical trauma, trust issues or other situations, they worked it out and did so very maturely. As a matter of fact, their disagreements were very few. One incident being when Alex and Chris first got together and Alex lets her emotional insecurities from past relationships overwhelm her. Not knowing that Chris was with his friend Georgianna (Giana), Alex completely misinterprets the situation and Chris explains things to her. Alex, then, understands, apologizes to Chris and Giana and starts trusting Chris more than before.

Another incident is more dramatic than the first and was very much more complicated. Chris' ex-girlfriend, Christina Bellerose had reentered his life through a very premeditated and mysterious consequence. She had traveled from her out-of-state college and sent a line to Chris to pick her up with him not knowing that she was the one he was picking up. After her arrival, Chris had attempted to make connections and try to make Christina's stay pleasant and helped her settle in. Chris had made his relationship with Alex known to Christina and she was stunned to say the least. With this new information fresh in her mind, Christina had gone on the defensive to attempt to win Chris back. Later on, Chris and Alex had invited Christina to a college dance they were to attend that night. Seeing that this was a great opportunity to unfold her master plan, Christina had immediately accepted the invite. The night of the dance, Christina had conveniently lost her ride back to the campus dormitory and asked if Chris could give her a ride back. Chris did and in her dorm room is where Christina tried to seduce Chris away from Alex. Using all of her seductive whims and her enticing advances, Christina pulled out all of the stops to have Chris slip between her sheets. Although very taken by her and very tempted to act out his raging desires, Chris realized the situation and forted Christina off and escaped her tempest attempting to engulf his utopia with Alex.

The love that Alex and Chris share with each other is the kind of love I believe we all should have. Also, that is a shining example of how I believe love should be: unconditional with the highest degree of fidelity. Another love that Alex and Chris share is for their friends. They stick together through the thick and thin. Through good times and bad, they pull each other through the most intense of situations. They share great times and acted out fantasies through riveting discussions, personal actions, hanging out, you know - the basic "clique" stuff.

About the Author:

I was born on Tuesday, December 5, 1977, 7:35 am in Queens General Hospital in the Saint Albans section of Queens, New York. In junior high school, I met a young, Hispanic female named Yadeline. We had been friends for a while and then, in our first year in high school, she had told me about a book that she had been writing. She pulled a 300-page spiral notebook filled with the book she had been writing. She had told me that her book had a plot somewhat similar to The Babysitter's Club. After she had shown me her novel, without even read it, I had told myself, "This is what I want to do. I can do this. I can write a book too." After that epiphany, I had started writing my first book Alex's Dreams. After a few weeks, I had written about ten to fifteen pages of it and I lost them all. I had no idea what I had done with my book. So, after that, I had taken that experience as a sign to say maybe I wasn't meant to be a writer.

A little while after that experience, I was overwhelmed with new ideas for Alex's Dreams. So, one night, I just sat down and wrote. That night of writing turned into days. Then those days turned into weeks, months and years. To this day, I'm still brimming over with ideas for the novel I am developing now and future projects.

The main person I have to thank for my inspiration for finishing this novel is my mother, Katherine. Had it not been for her, this novel would have been collecting dust in my closet instead of it being published. She pushed me to not "sell myself short" and to not take short cuts and lay back. She taught me to use my initiative to my greatest advantage and for that I am grateful.

Another person for whom I have to thank for most of the ideas for this novel is my wife, Leslie. In terms of the periled journeys of being involved in a relationship, she has opened my eyes to many different aspects of life. She showed me the very complex and advanced levels that a relationship could and variably does enter. From dating to marriage and beyond, she has taught me so much about myself and what type of relationship I am capable of.

My personal quote to myself, whenever things aren't going my way is "Keep the Faith!" That's what I say to myself whenever my life seems to be taking a dramatic turn for the worse. All you have to do is keep the faith and keep hope alive and everything will turn out fine. In other instances, some other mottos apply. It's just that my motto "Keep the Faith" pretty much applies to everything.

I am finished writing my second novel, which is a continuation of this first one. This work will delve more into the darker element of reality, such as the loss of a family member, rape, infidelity and more. I also must admit, the sex scenes in this new work are more extreme and raunchier than I ever anticipated. I also have created a floor plan for a mature adventure book, delving into the life of a woman journeying through life in a world where she recognizes no moral value but she still retains her personal integrity. She travels attempting to spread wholesome and good moral values. In a nutshell, she is a good woman in a bad world.

Introducing: Urban Fairytales

Title: Urban Fairytales
Author: Donna Fair
Publisher: Sayso Publishing
Release Date: November 4, 2005
ISBN: 0976587009
Paperback: 194 pages
List Price: $14.95


Urban Fairytales is a collection of African American adult short stories. Inside of each story, you will either find characters with unique personality traits or characters in unique situations. Readers will find mystical stories such as Erica's Tale. Meet a woman whose guidance I hope you'll never need. Be forewarned she leaves a lasting mark on all who cross her path! Readers will find true love in the Nubian Princess Tale. Live through Wanda's journey of struggle deciding whether she will stay with her fiancee or give into her desire for the handsome stranger that has come into her life. Readers will open the door to the Skeletons in the Closet. Discover the ties that bind three friends as they share each other's joys, sorrows and dreams for the future. You will identify with these kindred sisters and the life experiences that they share. Read these stories and many more in Urban Fairytales.

About the Author:

Donna Fair, a Richmond Virginia native, moved to Connecticut where she lived for a number of years and she is now living in Columbia, Maryland with her husband and 2 sons. Donna has been an avid reader since childhood. She began writing at an early age. She has spent a number of years as a tech writer for various companies while writing fiction in her spare time.

Introducing: The Mouse That Roared

Release Date: NOVEMBER 21, 2005
ISBN: 0976985500
Paperback: 250 pages
List Price: $13.95


Urban thriller involving a young woman named Sandra Lyte from Richmond Virginia who leaves her hometown to find her dreams in New York City. To her disappointment and sorrow though she only finds betrayal and terror as her life is torn apart. Through courage and determination Sandra finds the will to bring those responsible for her pain and suffering to justice. A first rate thriller that will keep the reader turning pages.

About the Author:

New author Dwayne Murray resides in New York City where he was born and raised. An electrician by trade Mr. Murray is proud and confident of his first novel and has hopes of completing many more thrillers in the near future.

Introducing: Wisdom Seeds

Title: Wisdom Seeds
Author: Patrice Wade Johnson
Release Date: 2006
ISBN: 0977346404
List Price: $15.00


From the outside, life in the Allen home appears to be perfect, but as a little girl Danielle begins to discern the façade. Joy, love, happiness and peace become mere words that are mentioned in her dad's sermons and in her grandmother's stories of the wisdom seeds. It is after Danielle is beguiled by Greg and left heart-broken, single and pregnant that life begins to water the spiritual truths planted by her grandmother. Danielle then begins to understand the significance of the wisdom seeds as she reaps what has been sown into her heart.

About the Author:

As a high school administrator and women's ministry facilitator, Patrice Wade-Johnson impacts the lives of people every day. Her life and profession co-exist on the same foundational principle - Jesus saves and changes lives. Ms. Johnson is a founding member of the Sanctuary of Praise where her ministry includes singing God's praises and the women's fellowship. Ms. Johnson is also the interim director of the Sanctuary Outreach Network. After graduating from high school in New York City, Ms. Johnson received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees from the University of Pittsburgh. Her professional experience includes Counseling, Educational Administration and community youth initiatives for youth and young women. She is currently a high school Assistant Principal. Ms. Johnson has written and directed 'In Your Mirror I See Me', 'Sitting On Top of the World', and 'Cindy - an urban fairytale'. Wisdom Seeds is her debut novel.

Introducing: The Window To My Soul : My Walk With Jesus

Title: The Window To My Soul : My Walk With Jesus
Author: Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes a/k/a Mary Magdalene
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: September 25, 2004
ISBN: 0975393359
Paperback: 136 pages
List Price: $12.95


Look into the heart and experience the faith and joyous expressions of these poems written to inspire, encourage and bless.

About the Author:

Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopés was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Germany with her husband and two sons. On 2004, the author published her first free-style inspirational poetry book, The Window to my soul, My Walk with Jesus, with Tate Publishing and under the pen name of Mary Magdalene. On March 2006, the book was voted “Best Poetry Book” by

Introducing: From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

Title: From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly
Author: Renetta J. Randle
Publisher: Shortcakes Productions
Release Date: September 2006
ISBN: 0978970004
Paperback: 116 pages
List Price: $16.00


From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly is the first of a series about a young girl who experiences abandonment, kidnapping, physical and sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.

It explains in detail the horrors of this experience and the impact that it had on her life that caused her to have several bad relationships and to become sexually promiscuous.

Read review / Order From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

About the Author:

Renetta was born in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Flint, MI when she was 5 years old. She attended the Flint Public Schools graduating from Northwestern High School in 1979 and furthered her education graduating from Baker College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration in 1998.

Renetta was blessed with two wonderful children, Cory and Stephani, six beautiful grandchildren, Arriyana, Ja’Kyra, Corionte’, Corion, Samyria, and Arrielle.

Renetta has been employed by Hurley Medical Center for the past 23 years and is currently working in the Service Access Management Department as an Insurance Service Specialist.

Renetta is a faithful member of Higher Quality of Life Ministries under the guidance of Pastor Ronnie and Lady Deborah Wiggins. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and loves to share that love with others.

Make Money...

Doesn't everyone want to ... Make Money ... that is. I know I surely do.

I was downsized in June of this year and since I've had more time on my hands than I normally would, I managed to finish up and publish my first blook (book based on a blog ... yay me!) However, what that did was whet my appetite for becoming a part of the whole "starving artist"/"freelancer" world that exists out there in the big wide web.

In a cursory search through one of those blog for money adsense communities, I came across a blogpost entitled "4 Ways to Make Money Blogging". I almost passed it by without reading cause my Adsense account from January 2006 to November 2006 has a whopping total of $1.67. Now with six blogs and pretty decent traffic and writing skills, if I may be so immodest, I figured some of my posts would have engendered a click or two.

Anyway ... that aside, I noticed that the ad had links to four Web sites and the first was I clicked on the link and read information that started like this:

"There are many ways to make money online. Some are very difficult such as starting an online business, some are somewhat difficult such as utilizing and marketing affiliate programs and some are just easy such as joining a site that just pays you to click through their website. You may be thinking “I will just do the easy way to make money online, I don’t know much about starting a business or marketing online”.

Still skeptical, I read to the end and submitted one of my blogs for approval. Boy am I glad that I didn't let my cynicism prevent me from the earning possibilities provided by Blogitive.

A month later I am happy to say that lives up to its billing. Once your blog is approved you simply have to write about the company, services or products contained within the web release provided, use the link provided, link it to the specified key words, make sure the post is at least 100 words, make sure you have two regular posts in between Blogitive Ad posts, make sure your feed is submitted to and of course, in order to get paid, submit the Url of the post to Blogitive and receive payment once a week.

Not too shabby hmmmm?

Introducing: Thug Nation

Release Date: OCTOBER, 2006
ISBN: 0-9787780-1-4
Format: Paperback
List Price: $13.00



All eyes on Gerald Thomas, AKA G Dogg, a merciless gang banger who's migrated from the slums of Chicago into the equally malicious streets of Detroit. He is what he is ... a stone cold killer, battling a quiet conscious and ever chasing demons.

After being released from prison Gerald has his first opportunity to walk away from the life ... no more affiliation, no more murder. But old habits die hard; especially when the price is right. There's a new hard hitting organization in town, well aware of Gerald's notorious reputation as "Gangland Assassin". Blinded by greed and his thirst to escape the hood, Gerald accepts, signing his name in blood on a contract that binds him for life.

The beast within is reborn and Gerald applies the role perfectly. Seems money ain't a thang any more yet it's the drastic steps it takes to get it. While he plans an exit with his daughter and her mother, old allies become weary and suspicious of his dealings. Gerald also finds that he has a historic link with his new associates ... the conflict of murder.

In the end it's do or die ... for EVERYONE. THUG NATION is a piece of gang madness and the effect it had on Detroit and so many other cities in the mid to late 90's ... the disturbing portrait of a young man swallowed whole by the streets.

About the Author:

Contel Bradford was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, exposed to various elements and hazardous environments. While he fell in love with the art of writing at an early age, he eventually strayed off and was corrupted by the wicked ways of the surrounding streets. After making a few horrid decisions, Contel realized he no longer wanted to be a part of the urban madness, distancing himself from the drama. It was then that Mr. Bradford embraced writing as his true passion.

In 2002 Contel Bradford wrote his first book, Dark Decisions, a graphic piece of literature depicting urban life in the rawest of forms. He quickly learned the craft of screenwriting and elected to toggle both careers in hopes of flourishing in the entertainment industry.

Still ignored by commercial publishers, Contel began printing, producing and distributing his own work with the establishment of Count Krew Publications in 2005, just in time for the debut of his second real life classic, Dangerously in Love.

As of now Contel Bradford has written four riveting screenplays, including his latest smash, Dayton’s Mob, with several more in the waits. His steamy, provocative short story, Hot in Here, was recently published and released with Silks Vault, a fast rising online publisher of the finest in erotic literature. Immediately thereafter Silks Vault Publishing accepted and released Contel’s gripping Ebook, A Gentlemen’s Cry, the first episode of the Dangerously in Love series.

While Mr. Bradford is currently just a small voice in the world, he’s already recognized as one of the most prolific authors of authentic urban prose on the scene, picking up the pen right where legendary talents such as Donald Goines and Ice Berg Slim left off. Contel continues to write vigorously while selling books from his trunk, night clubs and anywhere eager readers are lurking.

Contel’s newest book, THUG NATION has just been released with Count Krew Publications, one of the most painfully truthful pieces ever composed. Mr. Bradford’s next book, CONSEQUENCES, will be released in the winter of 2006.

Introducing: And Even If I Did: A Novel

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Release Date: April 18, 2006
ISBN: 0595390137
Paperback: 256 Pages
List Price: $16.95


Three single friends try to cope with life while also trying to survive in the ?real world? while learning that life isn?t that bad when you have friends, but as fast as things are good they turn bad and makes the trio come to the real definition of friends forever.

Simone, battling her abandonment issues while longing for the love she thinks she needs in order to make her whole.

Taylor, who has made a life of looking for love is forced to deal when an ex-boyfriend that gives her the reality check of a lifetime.

Lastly Jordan leaves behind in her past an abusive boyfriend for a better life. Unable to run anymore she has to confront the past.

Their life experiences teach each of them about self love and recognition, earning them the right to say, And Even If I Did. Can you?

About the Author:

Kisha Green resides in New Jersey with her husband and children. Her gift of story telling and writing about realistic feelings not only makes her novels exciting but emotionally accurate as well.

While the road to her literary dream was off to a rocky start, Kisha a firm believer "If God brings me to it, He will bring me through it!" and with that mentality, Kisha is ready to take "Literary Hollywood" by storm!

In addition to writing novels, Kisha writes for various websites including her two monthly colums "Parenting Jewels" at Women on the Road of Deliverance and This & That Tidbits Mahogany

Funeral Flowers

When you go to a funeral, do you ever stop to think about where the flowers came from? Do you even notice the lovely funeral flowers that are usually strategically and lovingly placed around and sometimes on the casket?

Usually, well wishers are at a loss to decide what to do to help?

Here's a thought: with the use of a service like Dot Flowers you can do your part to help. Dot Flowers goes the extra mile on orders for funeral flowers ... after all it is the last opportunity you will have to say goodbye.

In addition, Dot Flowers will call you up to verify your order before having it delivered, thereby avoiding embarrassing or even distressing snafus and ensuring that your message of sympathy rings through loud and clear.

Something to think about the next time you're unsure how to express your sympathy.

You're Invited...

You're Invited...

To a Book Chat

moderated by Rachel Ramone of

The Phenomenal Women Yahoo Group.


Author: Dee S. White

Where: phpMyChat Chatroom in the "Default" Room, click here to register

When: Saturday, November 4, 2006 - 8 PM (EST)

Register now or tomorrow before chatting, then click above link

To find out more about the book (the message),

the purpose (is it about the buck, the notoriety, the talent or what?) , and

the author (what makes her qualified to expound thusly?)

A note from the author:

Hi Folks,

If you've already purchased copies of AIJAN, I thank you and hope to see you there. If you've not had time but would like to participate you may still do so by reading the excerpts provided and/or purchasing the eBook.

Now ya'll don't show up just to show up ... come primed with questions to make me think, laugh and/or squirm ... everything's fair game, except for the dreaded ... "Umm... whatchu wearing ma?" ...LOL...

I am who I am, by the grace of God.

P.S. Be sure to check here for the latest updates.

E-book & Affiliate Program in the Hizzouse!

Hello Folks,

I'm just so thrilled I could burst! I've just turned the second half of my print book into an E-book (all by my little self). I first got the idea from another author in one of my Yahoo Groups when she announced her books on the bestsellers list.

I have submitted my book to the same publisher she uses and it has been accepted, and will be available soon. Then I got impatient and I got to thinking ... ummm ... why can't you do that for yourself as well?

So I fiddled and fretted, and deleted and uploaded, and amended and created and finally ... Look! In your email ... it's a bird, no ... a plane ... nope ... it's ... Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating--all 90 pages of it!

To view the table of contents, read excerpts, place your order, or find out more information about the E-book affiliate program please click here.

Reviews and comments about errors or downright snafus are always welcome.



A Shiny Investment

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Author Promo Opportunities

COS Productions has taken the bull by the horns when it comes to promotional opportunities for authors, as an author myself, I truly appreciate the unswerving dedication of their fearless leader Sheila. Here's a list of their Free services in her own words:
We've been asked to post what FREE author promo opportunities we're offering. So, here it goes...

1. Author's List
Get your name on the largest Author's on MySpace list. We have an ongoing list that we supply to magazines and other interested people willing to post the list. It is free to have your name included. The list is free to anyone who wants it, including you!

2. Book Blurbs
Book Blurbs are put up once a month and it is a free opportunity for you to blurb your book. Instructions on guidelines are on our MySpace homepage (located to the left as you look at your screen). Please follow the guide since we just cut and paste what you send.
When the blurbs go out we advertise them to book clubs for you!

Our comments section are a place for you to promote your MySpace site, Web site, book, self or product. The only things we don't allow in our comments section are nudity, pornographic pictures, profanity or any book videos that are not COS products.

4. Book Catalog
We now have a Social Network Catalog open only to MySpace authors and vendors. Instructions on how to participate are on our blog. Please not that this catalog will be advertised heavily starting next week!

Please know that we do have other lists that are about to be updated. We have a Publisher's List and a Bookseller's List.

Our MySpace site is-
Our traditional site is-

New Renter

Hi Folks,

We've a new renter in the hizzouze, Observing Hermann, Hermann the German. And an amnesiac American lost in Berlin.

A few Hermannisms:

Hermann thinks that ... it's always darkest before everything goes completely black.

[Picture Paypal donation image here] -- Because giving makes you a better person.

Now please take a moment to show Hermann, how we do around here. Click, browse, comment -- and don't forget to tell him that Read Zone sent ya.


A Word About Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

When you’re about to purchase a diamond engagement ring for the woman of your dreams, I’m sure that the last thing on your mind is: does it suit her personal style? You've probably perused magazines and a Web site or two in order to find the best tips on "spotting the flaw in your diamond" or "are all karats equal?"

However, according to, a reputable jeweler located in the diamond district in Manhattan, “Jewelry requires thought. It should fit her looks, personality and lifestyle. Personal style should be reflected in jewelry.”

So when you go to a jeweler and the sales rep asks questions like, “What does she do? or What’s her lifestyle?” He/she is not trying to get into your soon-to-be fiancée’s business; they’re trying to assist you in selecting the perfect ring … for her.

Excerpt: Men, Love & Sex

What Makes a Man Fall in Love?

Why we can't let love in until you've shown us the
way -- and the simple words that can unleash our deepest affections.

Question: Guys, do you believe you've met your soul mate?

Yes, I'm with her right now.................................. 53 Percent

Yes, but we're no longer together:........................ 14 Percent

Yes, but we were never together as a couple:......... 9 Percent

No:.......................................................................... 24 Percent

Think of a great relationship as though it were a great meal: A delicious, meaty steak of sexual passion accompanied by a fine, delicate wine of romance and commitment. Both of us want it all -- the perfect, satisfying course. And we need both -- steak by itself is dry and unsatisfying; and wine will get you tipsy, but it won't satisfy your hunger. Now, before the metaphor police revoke my license, let me simply push this analogy a little further: Men are a little more focused on the meat of the relationship, and women a bit more on the wine. But both sexes want to get up from the table completely satisfied. Need evidence? More than three-fourths of men believe in soul mates (see above). And when we asked our guys to choose between meeting the love of their life or having amazing sex for six months, 92 percent chose falling in love. (The other 8 percent were probably Maxim readers.) Consider what these three men said about the experience of falling in love:

  • "We need to feel love, loyalty, and chemistry above all else," says Ian, 31.

  • "Men also feel the butterflies and giddiness that women do when they're in love," says Robert, 26.

  • "Women don't realize most guys are in love long before they are willing to admit it to anyone," says Drew, 30.

So why then does it always seem like women are leading the relationship toward commitment, and men need to be dragged along like a preschooler to a dentist appointment? Because in the early-on Stratego game of dating, we need to see where you're moving first. Consider this: Less than half of men say they're typically the first ones to say "I love you" in a relationship, and more women than men initially broach the subject of taking the relationship to the next level.

That points to the notion that what men really want when it comes to love is your assurance -- your permission, really -- that it's okay to let the butterflies out of the cage.

Michael, 37, a restaurant owner in North Carolina, says he's cautious about expressing himself early on -- not because he's complacent or wants to play games or wants to make the woman squirm like a mouse in a cat's mouth. He holds back because he's waiting to get the signal that it's okay to press the accelerator.

"I love to hear that I'm her dream come true, or some version of that, if that's the case," he says. "I need a little praise and attention, just as much as she needs it from me. That's the sign I need.
Then, I know I can give her what she needs."

Chris, 29, a recently married public defender, agrees. "Men need to be told that they're wanted," he says. "Women forget that if they like a nice guy, that the nice guy might be too nervous to tell them what he feels." And then he added this interesting insight: "Women need to be more open to being hurt the way guys are every day."

Hold on a second. Guys are hurt more often than women?

Hmm. Think about it: In the romance game, it's usually the man who makes the first move (usually after you've dropped him countless hints waiting for him to finally pick up on them). But in doing so, men open themselves up to more rejection than a telemarketing trainee. And believe me, even George Clooney has a psychic master list of turn-downs that he still winces over from time to time.

So once a man has crossed that first barrier -- okay, you like him, it's safe -- he's reluctant to cross the next. Like monkeys in a lab, we've been shocked plenty of times before, and if we're in a safe place with you, we're happy simply to stay there. So it's a delicate balance -- a woman needs to signal that it's okay for him to take the next step, without making him feel as if he's being pushed toward it. Let him know that you feel there's something really special between you. Let him know it's okay if he lets himself feel that, too. But proceed cautiously -- there's danger ahead, as you'll see.

How Do I Know Where This Relationship is Heading?
I've been seeing a guy for about three weeks, and I feel like it's going to be pretty serious. After the first two dates, we've been seeing each other a lot. Last week, we got together twice during the week and twice on the weekend. I'd like to talk about where this is headed, but I don't want to scare him away. I just want to make sure we're both on the same page about where we are, whether we're seeing other people, and where this might go. What's he thinking?

He's thinking that, three weeks into dating, he doesn't want to have this conversation. To him, that's a relationship birth announcement. Today, we welcome the birth of a beautiful committed couple, weighing in at eight dates, two movies, and six orgasms (five for him, one for her): It's Bob and Cindy! Congratulations! It's too formal, too official, too planned. And that formality serves as the fire extinguisher to the initial spark he's been feeling. "The only thing worse than a woman who doesn't show any interest after a few dates is a woman who shows too much," says Anthony, 25. Terry, 32, adds: "Slow down. Please don't tell us that you love us after three weeks." Think of it this way. You know how you don't like when he skips the foreplay and goes right to the sex? When you talk about the status of a relationship too early, it's like skipping the foreplay of pursuit and going right to the private parts of commitment. If he's seeing you four times a week, then it's a good sign that your relationship is headed in the right direction. Just let him have some fun -- and some mystery -- while he's getting there.

How Do I Know When It's Time to Tell Him my Feelings?
I've been seeing a man for only two months. Perfect guy. He's funny, has a great job, I love hanging out with him. We even took this great weekend vacation together and everything seemed to click. I just have this feeling that this is going to work, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way. I don't want to blow it, and while I obviously don't want to pretend to be somebody that I'm not, I also don't want to do anything that could jeopardize the relationship. Any hints for how to take things from here?

Two months may seem like a blip on the relationship radar, but for some guys, that qualifies as a full-fledged era. At this point, men certainly want some honesty. "If she is more open with me, I'll be more open with her, especially at the beginning when you're both feeling each other out, emotionally," says Warren, 33. But that comes with a caution. Feel free to be honest about your feelings, but don't make assumptions about his. Don't use the word us. At this stage, you'll solidify your primo status if you talk about what you like about him, what you get out of a relationship with him, what turns you on about him. Us scares him; him excites him. (Yes, we're our own favorite subject, but that's just human nature.) It's a way of saying you love the relationship while giving him the ego-boosting rush he craves -- all without making him think you're brushing up on the four Cs of diamond shopping. At this still-early stage, that's a secret to tip-toeing between giving him permission to love and giving him a reason to leave.

Should I Give Him an Ultimatum?

My live-in boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for about a year and a half, living together for somewhere around six months. I'm 31 and my family is giving me a hard time -- like I should just go ahead and move on if he's not going to be the one because I'm wasting time. My best friend even says to me that there's no way he's going to marry me because he's getting all the sex of a nonmarried relationship without the commitment. I've debated a lot about giving him an ultimatum or a deadline, but something tells me that's a bad idea. How will I know if he's ever going to be ready to make the next step?

You may think that men are afraid of the marriage commitment because we want to leave options open, because we're waiting for something better, or because we fear it'll be the official end of hot-tub sex. Jay, 30, says a man's hesitation isn't about indifference; it's actually the opposite. "Men are just as unsure about the relationship thing as women," he says. "I'm getting married in a couple months to a woman I love deeply, who I know will be a fantastic wife and mother to my future
children. Is she my soul mate? Tough question, but if not, she's pretty darn close." When we decide we want to be married, we want to do the right thing -- for both of us. So should you give him an ultimatum? I don't think so. If you've been honest with him about your feelings for him -- for him, not for "the relationship" -- then you're probably at the point in your relationship where you should be able to ask him straight up about his feelings for you. If he can't tell you what he thinks and what he feels, well, that's probably your answer.

Reprinted from: Men, Love & Sex: The Complete User's Guide for Women by David Zinczenko with Ted Spiker © 2006 David Zinczenko. Permission granted by Rodale, Inc., Emmaus, PA 18098. Available wherever books are sold or
directly from the publisher by calling at (800) 848-4735.

David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine, has written op-ed pieces for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today and is a frequent guest on the Today show, talking about men and relationships. In 2003, People magazine named him one of the "50 Most Eligible Bachelors." He divides his time between Allentown, Pennsylvania, and New York City.

Ted Spiker, an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Florida, is a contributing editor to Men's Health. He lives in Gainesville, Florida.

For more information, visit or

Excerpt: Caught in the Middle

Have you ever felt "Caught in the Middle"?

They stumbled up the rugged steel stairs that led to their motel room. Her blouse was nearly undone by the time they reached the door. Their kisses became deeper with every breath. At that second, she felt the metal numbers on the door behind her as he had her back up against it. He fumbled with the key as she began tugging at his belt and loosening his pants. The door finally swung open and slammed just as quickly.

He lifted her up against the wall with her legs straddled around his waist. She began to feel something stiff between her legs and smiled with excitement. She reached down and started caressing his dick through his pants. He dropped her legs as her blouse and bra hit the floor. He kneeled and slid down her silk skirt, only leaving her in her black high heels. He leaned over, grabbed one of her nipples with his teeth, and worked her all over. As they fondled each other, she mentally ran down all the things he liked. Beforehand, he told her that he liked for women to talk dirty and get real freaky with it.

Since this was the first time they met, she wanted to pull all the stops. She always wanted her lovers to be satisfied. She walked backwards towards the bed and fell hard onto the much-used mattress. He stood over and slid out of his pants while freeing the supporting actor of this picture. He tore open a condom wrapper and slid it on his member.

Although he was above average, she was not impressed. She’s seen all different kinds of men and size sometimes did not matter. He could be hung and not have any clue on how to use it. It sure was hard though. It just stood there pointing at her, ready to attack. She smiled as she also slid out of her panties and revealed the leading role. She let all her shit out. She didn’t care. She wasn’t the type to brag about anything. Other people did that for her, without objection. That’s how she met this guy. Let’s just say that he heard about her through word of mouth and that was the best form of advertisement. He started stroking his dick as she lied on the bed waiting for him.

“What are you going to do with that big thing?” she said to him. She watched his ego grow a few more inches as she licked her lips. She grabbed both of her nipples and pinched them with a little pain.

“Why don’t you lick on them?” he said while stroking himself. She did as he said, waiting for him to get started so she could get off.

“Why don’t you roll over?”

Okay, he must know that doggy-style is my favorite position. I hope this is good, she thought. She rolled over on all fours and spread her legs while she waited for him to enter her. She felt a shiver in her thighs with the sudden plunge making her back arch. He instantly began to pump into her, causing the bed to squeak louder with every movement. After a couple of thrusts, it started to feel good and she felt her moans matching his. Suddenly, she felt him shake and tremble when she then realized he was climaxing. She rolled her eyes as he fell from behind her, still shaking with She got up and headed for the bathroom. delight. What the hell, she thought to herself as he flopped off her.

“Damn, I knew you would be good from just looking at you.”

“So baby what did you think?”

She turned back, faked a smile and shut the door. She looked at her watch and quickly washed herself up.

“What do you think? What kind of question is that after five minutes?”

She came out of the bathroom and caught him smiling as if he just saved the world. She started walking towards the door when he sat up and blurted, “Where are you going? I mean the room’s already paid for.”

She dropped her business card on the desk and answered, “Sorry baby. I don’t stay and cuddle or any of that shit. I’m gone. Here’s my card.” Her high heels clicked on the metal stairs as she ran away to her car.

“Men ain’t shit," she laughed while speeding away.

Copyright (c) 2006 by Cassandra Daniels

Introducing: Devil's Orchestra

Title: Devil's Orchestra
Author: Sydney Molare'
Publisher: Fishbowl International, Inc.
Release Date: April 2006
ISBN: 0976561913
Formats: Paperback, ebook
List Price: $14.00/$5.95


How far would you go to get what you want?

Tab McGrifth- #1 radio personality on the Eastern seaboard. He made his money the old way--by stepping on one person at a time. He's lied, cheated and "misrepresented" whatever needed to be as he clawed his way to the top of the pile. Now the man that taught him everything he knows, his old mentor Whitey Ford, has returned....

Deva- Hip hop princess extraordinaire. Many are under the impression that she is just a gorgeous airhead. But nothing could be further from the truth. With her shrewd business mind and amazing "luck", Deva is worth somewhere in the upper nine digit range. Deva, like all of us, has her faults. She loves the money--and what accompanies it--just a bit TOO much. In fact, she is slap out of control. When an old friend from back home, Ed Burris, confronts her about her lifestyle, things get explosive...

Juan Rodriguez- gay author and proud of it too. With his life partner, Zeus and son, Loam, Juan's life is definitely on track. That is, until Bodie pops back into his life. Bodie. Blond, beach boy tan, Juan's first lover. He put the w-h-o-r in whore...and doggonit if Juan wasn't still feeling him...

And then there's Luke...

Devil’s Orchestra…whose side are you really playing for?

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Community News: Coat Drive for PS 44

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Phenomenal Women

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Phenomenal Women

Thursday Nov 02, 2006
at 2:00 PM


Calibar Imports
820 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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Our mission is to provide new school outfits and uniforms, Warm coats to the students of PS 44 /Drop off Location Calibar Imports in Brooklyn, NY from 2 PM - 8 PM

The PS 44 students need primarily navy blue pants (boys and girls), navy blue skirts, yellow shirts and blouses.

The school is home to grades preK-5th grade.

Excerpt: How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk

The following is an excerpt from the book How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk
by John Van Epp, Ph.D.
Published by McGraw-Hill; September 2006;$22.95US/$26.95CAN; 0-07-147265-7
Copyright © 2006 John Van Epp, Ph.D.

Idealization: See No Evil

Unhealthy emotional needs lead people to develop one of three relationship patterns that attempt to interpersonally resolve what can only be fixed intrapersonally. In other words, when you do not deal directly with your issues, they often become embedded in your relationships. At that point, you may no longer recognize them as your own issues, because they have become clouded by the dynamics of the relationship. You plunge forward to fix the relationship, all the while needing really to fix yourself. Regrettably, it does not work and your relationship continues to suffer. This will repeat until you identify your own problems and make the necessary changes within yourself.

The first pattern, idealization, occurs when you avoid feeling disappointment and pain by always looking through rose-colored glasses. A perfect example of this was a young woman, Ellie, who had grown up in a home where her mother died and her father subsequently remarried. During her adolescence, her father was tragically killed. His second wife favored her own children, leaving Ellie starved for love and attention. It was not surprising that Ellie soon met and married a man whom she had known only a short time. During their brief courtship, he lavished her with praise and adoration, calling himself Prince Charming.

No doubt you know this age-old story of Ellie (her good friends knew her as Cinder Ellie, although most refer to her as Cinderella). She idealized everything! It was her way of surviving the atrocities of her family life. The beloved Disney version began with Cinderella waking up to the singing of the bluebirds and joining in with her own song, "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true."

I do not mean to tarnish the ending of this fairy tale, but seriously, don't you wonder whether Ellie looked at her prince through the lenses of overidealism? She wore clothes made from bluebirds, rescued trapped mice and dressed them in cute clothing, and never seemed to complain, even when she had to work all day and night! Maybe she was so determined to live her dream that she overlooked certain warning signals in order to fulfill her idealistic wishes. Idealism always becomes dangerous when it blinds you to reality.

Her prince was a wealthy, royal only child who was looking for the perfect woman. Men with the prince's profile usually turn out to be controlling, narcissistic, and emotionally abusive. They often have an extreme swing from infatuation to detachment as soon as some imperfection blemishes their ideal love. Ellie's idealism ultimately was leading her into the exact same family dynamic she experienced within her family of origin.

Your unhealthy need for idealistic love can be broken only by your individual efforts to face your pain and those who afflicted you, and to deal directly with the loss of having never been shown the love you needed, wanted, and deserved. Many times such efforts require courage to feel the loss as well as to face those who hurt you. A better blend of reality with idealism and the caution to test the one you trust over time will help distinguish an illusion from a genuine dream.

Rebounds and Crash Landings

Are you too trusting, always seeing the good and jumping to positive conclusions too quickly? Do you get into a relationship and immediately become swept away by the furious waves of attention and love? Do you find yourself enamored with this prince or princess, spending every free moment with that person, constantly conversing by phone or computer, or just talking to him or her in your head? If so, then you need to step back and look at your track record. If you have a history of these dreamy love attacks that end up spiraling into nightmares, then you may be avoiding some of your past pain by projecting your ideals onto a prince or princess who is nothing more than an ordinary frog.

Tonya had just ended a five-year relationship when she had her Cinderella nightmare. It began when she was approached by Will in a local club that she frequented. Will worked there and had talked briefly with Tonya in the past, but he had never engaged in any in-depth conversation with her. That night, however, Tonya started to tell Will, who listened intently, the tale of her long and rocky relationship. After an hour or so, Tonya remarked how understanding and attentive Will was and what a contrast this experience was from what she was used to. They went out that night and continued to talk until sunrise.

This began a romantic whirlwind that, after just thirty days, led Will to ask Tonya to marry him. She responded with an enthusiastic yes, having come out of a relationship with a commitment-phobe, and they made plans to move in together and save money for the wedding. Tonya confided in me that although Will had a long history of failed relationships, he had never truly been in love and no woman had ever made him feel so good. When I asked how many skeletons were actually in his closet, she blushed and disclosed that he had been with more than a hundred women. I warned her about the ways history repeats itself, but she acted hurt that I was not happier for her.

The day he moved in with her was both his first and his last. He brought a chair that Tonya did not think fit the decor of her home. When she tried to talk with him about this, Will snapped that it was his chair. Tonya retorted that it was her home. At this point, Will realized that she thought of the house as hers and not theirs.

Nothing was unusual about this kind of an argument. In fact, you would expect it to occur under the circumstances. But as a result, Will lost all feelings for Tonya and decided to move out the same day he moved in. Tonya was crushed (although I thought she was really spared). She couldn't understand how someone could feel so strongly in love one moment and then be so ice-cold the next.

Tonya encountered the unhealthy effects of idealization. How did this happen? It began when she was reeling from the rebound effect of her previous relationship and in her pain had concluded that no good men were out there, at least, none were available. You might think that this mentality would have made Tonya apprehensive about the sincerity of a man approaching her, but instead, it only ratcheted up her hopes for a perfect love. When Will treated her in ideal ways, she projected onto him all of her dreams of true love, and like a tightly wound spring, burst forward in her dependency and commitment to a man she really didn't know.

Will also suffered from idealization. He had a chronic and long-standing narcissistic condition, much like his father did. As the youngest, though, he did not overtly display his father's temper. Instead, he was a charmer. Narcissists do not appear self-centered at the beginning of a relationship. Will, for instance, craved ideal love, and his ego was inflated when Tonya looked at him as "the perfect lover who could meet her needs better than any other." This made Will feel like a god in Tonya's life during the first stages of their relationship.

Only after some time do narcissists reveal their extreme demands, a kind of "buy now, pay later" arrangement. Once one disappointment blemishes the relationship, the narcissist can never retrieve that fantasy feeling of true love. The benevolent god becomes depraved and angry, exacting obedient love while never feeling satisfied or fulfilled. This is why Will was so amazing in the beginning of a relationship but so quick to quit whenever something went wrong. Narcissism lacks resiliency; so when the first flaw appears, love begins to die.

Copyright © 2006 John Van Epp, Ph.D.

John Van Epp, Ph.D., conducts seminars and workshops worldwide on marriage and relationships. His popular video program, How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk, is being taught by certified instructors internationally in thousands of churches, singles organizations, educational and agency settings, and throughout the military. He has been happily married for more than twenty-five years. Visit his website at