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Welcome to the Guest Lounge at Read Zone. Here fellow bloggers with extra books or authors with self-published books may have a spot with a few stipulations.

Since I grew up with so many rules and regulations, I’m kind of an anti-rule person, but having assimilated into the adult world (barely), I realize the necessity for parameters or rules, if you will, and acknowledge that of themselves, rules are not bad, the method of enforcement, now that can be bad.

That being said, here are the rules for attaining guest bookseller status, which I freely admit will evolve (because I’m making this up as I go along).

Items Not Permissible:
  1. Porn
  2. Preview copies (which are not supposed to be sold)
  3. Moldy, badly stained, or unclean copies are not acceptable, nor are copies with missing pages or obscured text. Books that are distributed for promotional use only are prohibited. This includes advance reading copies (ARCs) and uncorrected proof copies.
  4. Listings without images.
  5. Stealing bandwidth. (Linking to someone else’s image url)

Code of Conduct:

  • By submitting to become a guest bookseller, you agree to conduct your transactions with integrity. i.e. full disclosure of the condition of the book, plus shipping charges at the time of transaction.

  • All books must be reasonably priced and in acceptable condition.

  • Items sold should be mailed within 48 hours.

  • Courtesy to all customers

What’s in it for you?

A great looking spot to sell your books, addition to our blogroll, an opportunity to enrich someone’s life with a great book and a couple of extra dollars in your pocket.

What’s in it for me?

Facilitating the passing of the torch, a link back from you, and a guest post telling me about your favorite book. Title, why it’s a favorite and would you ever part with it and under what circumstances.

How to Submit:

Email me the following:

  1. Name
  2. Blog
  3. Guest post (mentioned above)
  4. Url of your link back to Read Zone
How it works:

Upon receipt of the above information, I will then send you a blogger invite, you will then become a contributor of Read Zone and have the ability to post your selections.*

If you've only a few books, then we'll forgo the blogger invite and have a guest post highlighting you and your books.

*Please note: Any selections not complying with the above few rules, will be deleted by yours truly.

All done! I've probably made this waaay more complicated than it needs to be, so if you've any suggestions, go for it...share!

last revised 12/07/05

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