Guest for the Week

Good morning folks,

Please join me in welcoming Benjamin Solah to Read Zone. He's a political activist and a writer, or is it a writer who's a political activist? from Sydney, Australia, (don't you love the reach and breath of the internet?) a fellow NaNoWriMo participant and he thought we were worth a visit for a whole week. So let's show him how we feel about authors around, browse, comment and don't forget to let him know that Dee over at Read Zone sent you!

While you're visiting Benjamin, please do check out his book, Sanity Juxtoposed, A collection of short stories and poetry, available for purchase in print or download format at

And no I get nothing for featuring his book, just took it upon myself to do so when I noticed it while battling him on BOTB and decided to put in my two cents. This also means that I'm not endorsing the book, since I haven't read it myself, but saying...give it a look see and decide for yourself!


P.S. Benjamin, if you'd like a proper interview, email me or post a comment and we'll do it up right.

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